May 6, 2010

Penn State's punter problem... solved?

Here is the signing ceremony video:

I really HATE headlines phrased as questions, but this time there isn't really an alternative. Other than the one I linked to below, there aren't really any reports out there, most notably at either of the two mainstream recruiting services. It's so weird, I was hesitant to post this without waiting for some kind of secondary confirmation that the story isn't bogus. But, here it goes anyway.


Here's the scoop. Penn State may have found a punter--a really good one--for 2010. broke this one:
Specialists on the football field, especially kickers, are never supposed to be highly recruited. Definitely not from small Class 2A schools from the state of Indiana. Especially in the month of May, with the football season just in a field goal's reach of beginning in four months.

But there was Heritage Christian Senior Alex Butterworth, defying the odds of small school football, with the biggest smile on his face and a Penn State hat on his head, signing the national letter of intent of a lifetime.
So, after some quick digging, this Butterworth kid is an actual human being, and apparently a very good punter-kicker hybrid out of Indianapolis. From what I've seen on all the recruiting sites, only Indiana had taken any interest in him, but Butterworth didn't bite. There was no scholarship offer from the Hoosiers. Yet you'd think that any kicker with a chance to earn a scholarship to a Big Ten school would at least take the opportunity.

Either way, Butterworth (Rivals/Scout/ESPN) is supposedly going to kick or punt--most likely punt--for the Nittany Lions this fall. Or, he will at least provide a back-up plan, should Anthony Fera not emerge from Joe Paterno's dog house.

Butterworth actually has two videos on the Internets. Here they are:

The first, done by what looks like a professional...

and the second, with a little bit of Butterworth himself...

And because we know you're already frantically trying to come up with clever sideline banner slogans for Alex, feel free to leave them in the comments...

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