May 13, 2010

PSU at the bottom of Lindy's and Athlon Top 25's

This is what I get for waiting to post this. You've now probably already read about this, but here it is anyway...
2Boise StateTBA
3Ohio StateTBA
8Virginia TechTBA
13North CarolinaTBA
17Georgia TechArkansas
19West VirginiaNorth Carolina
23HoustonPenn State
24Penn StateLSU
Here it comes, folks. The preview magazines are ramping up their marketing blitz prior to their big release week around June 1 each year. One of the best ways to generate buzz is to release, either in their entirety or in parts, the preseason top 25 rankings that will be featured in the actual magazines. It's a great teaser for most college football fans.

The problem with these magazines--among so many others--is that they hit stores in early summer, even though much can change in the two months before actual kickoff. But their business model has worked, and continues to work, for one major reason: By early summer--after recruiting dies down, spring practice is done, and the spring games weren't quite as exciting as we all though they would be--fans are so incredibly parched for the real season to start, $8.50 or so is nothing compared to the thirst-quenching splash of college football it can buy.

Now we get our first taste, as Lindy's top 25 was leaked out yesterday (purposely?), yet still remains absent from the Lindy's site. I figured since Lindy's made the biggest (read:first) splash of the magazine season, it'd be good to see if any other preview mags had their rankings out. Turns out, Athlon was the only one, but even they only had part of the top 25, as it looks like they will be releasing one new top-25 team each day... or something like that.

Also, Lindy's preseason All-America teams named Penn State's senior offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski to the first team. So take that for what it's worth.

But I think both rankings for Penn State are a bit low, despite my blatant homerism here. I'll give you that there are questions about this team, but are they any worse than, say, the questions on Alabama's defense? This will all get worked out as the summer goes on, or at least until Phil Steele* releases his magazine and totally PWNS every other college football preview annual on the rack.

*Disclaimer: I do write for

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  1. After buying Phil Steele's magazine a couple of years ago, I vowed to never again waste my $$$ on any other preview magazine. If more people who get suckered in by Athlon/Lindy's would join Phil Steele's Facebook page and understand just how much effort/analysis he puts into his magazine, they would all do the same.

  2. Phil's magazine has been the most accurate preseason annual the last 10 years, so says Stassen.