June 6, 2010

Big Ten Expansion Doomsday Clock is banking on Notre Dame

Who would have thought the Pac-10 would be the catalyst for Big Ten expansion, while the Big 12 would actually destroy itself in the process?

But that's exactly what we got today.

The Big 12 issued an ultimatum to Nebraska and Missouri--both have been very receptive to Big Ten overtures--demanding the two schools let conference officials know their plans for the future (i.e. Are they going, or not?).

Farther west, the Pac-10 took the mediasphere (Just made up that term. Like it?) by storm, with its leaked intentions to invite six Big 12 programs: Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and either Colorado or Baylor.

Chip Brown of OrangeBloods.com has been "the guy" today when it comes to scooping the world. He's been on top of everything before it even happens, including the most recent word that the Big Ten will work on Notre Dame first, even before dealing with Nebraska and Missouri.

Chicago-based Teddy Greenstein of the Tribune also tweeted earlier today that the Big Ten expansion schedule, according to Jim Delany, "could be affected."

So we've heard from the Pac-10, the Big 12, aaand the Big Ten, all in one 24-hour span. This is no longer rumor. It's suddenly shifted to serious discussion, and action, by conference officials. College football appears to be heading for a seismic shift. But the biggest question remains: When?

No one knows. We could see it happen tomorrow. It could be another two weeks. But it will happen, soon.

The time is now:


◊ ◊ ◊ ◊
Clock History

DayChangeTime'Till MidnightReason
May 10011:4515 min.Initial setting of Big Ten Expansion “Doomsday” clock
May 10+1111:564 min.Sports Radio 810 WHB reports Big Ten has extended initial invitations to Nebraska, Missouri, Rutgers, and Notre Dame
May 11-311:537 min.Jim Delany enters full-scale denial mode about Sports Radio 810 WHB report
May 19-311:5010 min.Jim Delany, says expansion plans are still 12-18 months away
June 3+411:546 min.Rivals reports the Pac 10 will invite six Big XII teams
June 6+4:3011:58:301 min 30 secNebraska, Mizzou given ultimatum by Big 12; Pac-10 continues with plans to get Big 12 South teams to join.

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  1. Why do I feel like the clock should make the pounding tick sound like the clock on 24?!?!

  2. Love this, please keep updating it!