June 7, 2010

Poll: Who should get the Big Ten expansion invite?

With a newly "accelerated" timetable for expanding the Big Ten, let's dip back into the waters of prognostication. Tell us who you think should get an invitation to join the Big Ten? (note: if you choose "other" be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments)

When the Big Ten sends out expansion invitations, which schools would you most like to see on the list?

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  1. Texas, Rutgers & Pitt. Although Pitt isn't getting the love I thought they would.

  2. WTF with Mizzou? Do you people really want them in the Big Ten that bad? So right now, it's Notre Dame, Texas, and Nebraska, with Mizzou close behind. Rutgers and Pitt are neck-n-neck, with RU slightly ahead.

    And Maryland ahead of Syracuse??? Really?

  3. So, Nebraska is in, so it kind of knocks them out of the serious voting from now until the poll closes next week. But keep voting! There are still plenty of unknowns about the Big Ten expansion plans.