June 18, 2010

Happy Friday and Happy Anniversary, Craig Fayak.

We have virtually nothing to talk about today (aside from today's total screw job against the U.S. soccer team, but this is not the blog to bitch about it on), so instead of another lame link-dump, we figured we'd amuse you with another classic Penn State football clip we've found from endless late nights wandering aimlessly through the vast plains of YouTube.

Behold, Craig Fayak's kick which shattered Notre Dame's national championship dreams exactly 20 years ago this Fall. I wish I could say I remember watching this one as a kid but alas, I had yet to become cognizant of the college football universe...

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  1. I posted that video and it was a GREAT game. PSU had no business winning that game; but they took ND's only real weapon out of the game at half, Raghib Ismail. Then Tony Sacca played a solid second half. Al Golden and Ricky Sales both played well and I think they both scored TDs.

    Side note: my uncle is a big ND fan, and he was a PA state policeman at the time of the game. We watched together...I swear he was ready to shoot me after Fayak hit that FG...I wisely went elsewhere to celebrate. Heh heh.

  2. In that case, take a bow, Mike. Thanks for posting such an awesome video. Did Ismail get injured? Or did the PSU defense just prevent him from making any big plays?

  3. Ismail had a leg injury some time in the second quarter. ND fans were distraught as they knew he was their team that year.

    The INT Mirer threw to give PSU the ball was also a terrible decision. Threw it about 10 feet over his receiver's head from his own 15 yard line or so. Right into Darren Perry's chest. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see that...and how angry my uncle and aunt were. That's about the time I figured out I should just quietly enjoy the win...