June 20, 2010

Penn State Football 2010: The Poster

Penn State the T-Shirt!

Penn State the Lunchbox!

Penn State the Breakfast Cereal!

Penn State the FLAMETHROWER!

Ok, maybe not. But you have to admit, that would be awesome. Of course, it would have to be a blue flame thrower (zing!).

But until they release that, you'll have to settle for the latest Penn State football must-have: the "official" 2010 Penn State Football Poster.

I have to admit, it's not too shabby this year. Probably my favorite part of the Penn State football tradition is just that--tradition. There is nothing in college football so iconic than the plain white helmet with a single blue stripe.

So if you're able to swing by campus this summer, or feel like dishing out a few extra bucks for shipping, pick one up for your Penn State shrine room. We know you have one. And if you don't, then shame on you!

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