June 22, 2010

Linkbacker U is talking Megan Hodge, Big Ten Hockey, and Boom Boom Pow

Linkbacker U is hitting to all fields this morning, patrolling the grid iron, hardwood, and the ice in today's edition.

Student Ticket Sales off to Smooth Start

We'll start today's tour in Beaver Stadium, as today marks the second day of Student Ticket Week in Pennsylvania, where students from across the commonwealth are seeing what 7 A.M. looks like for the first time. Today the juniors rush to reserve their seats for the "greatest show in college football". If yesterday's results were any indication, juniors should have no trouble securing a ticket. Quite a difference from the good ole' days of 2007. Must have been Anthony Morelli.

Megan Hodge Awarded NCAA's Best Female Athlete

Remember those high expectations we all had for Morelli? Didn't live up to them did he? Well Megan Hodge certainly lived up to the hype, and yesterday was a co-recipient (along with UConn women's basketball player Mia Moore) of the Honda Broderick Cup for top women's collegiate athlete. Make all the jokes you want about women's athletics, but anyone who watched Moore's UCONN team or Hodge's Lions can attest to the level of dominance these teams, and players demonstrated.

Icers in for a Name Change? Varsity may be in team's future.

If you recall, you were able to catch Hodge and Moore winning their championships on the ESPN family of networks, and were able to follow PSU's streak all season long on the Big Ten Network. Volleyball has caught on like wildfire in Happy Valley, and with the recent ratings success of the NHL, Patriot News columnist David Jones wonders if a switch to varsity is on the horizon for the Penn State Icers.

Boom Boom POW!

Speaking of things that caught on quickly in Happy Valley, remember Tucker Haas? If the name sounds familiar, you probably were at Thon 2010. Or recognize the name from his facebook group. Or his youtube video. Well this morning, he makes his television debut on Fox and Friends as he willl be performing his famous rendition of "Boom Boom Pow" at 8:50 A.M.

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