June 21, 2010

TMI: the Kent State edition

Real life interfered last week so I wasn't able to post last week's TMI on the normal Friday time slot but fear not, it's just bumped up to Monday instead. With that in mind I give you Too Much Information: the Kent State edition.

About the University

Kent State University is a public research university located in Kent, Ohio, United States. The university has eight campuses around the northeast Ohio region with the main campus in Kent being the largest. The university was established in 1910 as the Kent Normal School as a teacher training school. It was initially known under the working name of the Ohio State Normal College at Kent, but was named Kent State Normal School in 1911. In 1915, the school was renamed Kent State Normal College due to the addition of four-year degrees. In 1929, the state of Ohio changed the name to Kent State College as it allowed the school to establish a college of arts and sciences. Of course Kent State is infamously known for May 4, 1970 when an Ohio Army National Guard unit fired at students during an anti-Vietnam war protest on campus, killing four and wounding nine. Although that tragedy stands out, Kent is known for joining with the University of Akron and Youngstown State University in establishing the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine in 1973. It was the world's first medical consortium.


Kent State's athletic teams are known as the Golden Flashes. They compete in the Mid-American Conference East division and field 16 varsity athletic teams and one club team. Around 1920, the teams were known as the "Silver Foxes" because then-president John McGilvrey raised silver foxes on his farm. After McGilvrey's controversial firing in 1926, the new administration held a contest to choose a different team name and "Golden Flashes" was chosen. The school colors of Navy Blue and Gold were originally Orange and Purple but when the basketball team's uniforms were taken to a local cleaner, the hot water caused the colors to fade to blue and gold. The team and student body liked the new colors and voted to officially change them. Kent State's official mascot is Flash the Golden Eagle.

Here's Flash molesting a random cheerleader

Football related data

Last Season: 5 - 7

The football team was founded in 1920 and played their first game against Ashland College, a 6-0 loss. Their first win was in the form of a forfeit with their first real win coming on November 14, 1925, a 7-6 win over West Liberty State College. In 1923 Kent State suffered the worst loss in school history, a 118-0 loss to Baldwin-Wallace College. Football has not been kind to Kent, they've been part of the Mid-American Conference since 1951 but have only one conference title and only two bowl appearances (both losses).

Famous Alumni

There's quite a few famous people that called Kent home. Lou Holtz and Nick Saban both graduated from Kent as did Antonio Gates. Gates didn't play football though, he was a basketball player in college. Drew Carey, Michael Keaton, and Don King all went to Kent. Several members of the band Devo went to Kent State.

All those names pale in comparison though, to Kent State's most famous Alumni, Carl Monday! That's right, investigative reporter and masturbator hater Carl Freakin' Monday went to Kent. Fire up YouTube!

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  1. Cool profile,

    Interesting Note: Kent passed on hiring Nick Saban for the head coach position in 1988 in favor of former UNC coach Dick Crum. NFL Hall of Famer, Jack Lambert, furious that Kent would pass on his former teammate Saban, said after the hire that he would never again set foot on KSU's campus. Dick Crum retired after one season at Kent with a .500 record, and Kent has not been to a bowl since...


  2. I forgot to mention Jack Lambert as a famous alumni, good story though Stephen.

  3. There is not a single listing of famous people that Attended Kent. The also should include:
    Thuman Munson Yankee Catcher
    Alice Ripley Toni Award winning actress 2009
    Arsinio Hall TV personality
    Gerald Tinker Olympic Gold medalist
    Joe Walsh Famous musician

  4. Lets forget about Carl Monday

  5. Who can forget Carl Monday?!?!