June 9, 2010

Nebraska will join the Big Ten; Four more schools to follow?

The Cornhuskers will bring all those "National Championships" with them to the Big Ten. (photo: HuskersGameday.com)
It looks like this will be it, folks. Between Rivals' Chip Brown, Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein, and ESPN it's become 99 percent certain (Is it possible to be "almost certain?") that the University of Nebraska will officially join the Big Ten expansion party. The problem is, no one is going on the record to confirm it.

We do know that Nebraska's board of regents will meet tomorrow. And now we know that their official agenda will include a "Resolution regarding UNL athletic conference alignment."

And a little while ago, Twitter erupted with the rumor that WFNI Indianapolis was reporting that Notre Dame, Syracuse, Rutgers & Maryland are Big Ten bound along with Nebraska. But there isn't a hard link to the story, probably because it was reported on-air. So that's something to watch.

Rutgers is growing as a serious contender for the third spot in this first wave of new additions to the Big Ten. But should Notre Dame get swayed towards the conference, we could see all five (as the radio report supposedly claimed) of those named schools jump in tow with Big Red.

This is a moving story. What you're reading right now is probably out-dated. Check back later tonight, as we may have even more movement (two in one day!) on the Big Ten Expansion Doomsday Clock!

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1 comment:

  1. I think Notre Dame and Rutgers are a lock, it makes sense for all of them and we know ND and the Big 11 are talking, ND knows it's time to put away the independent arrogance and get on board before it's too late.