June 10, 2010

USC Gets Hammered: The Universe Unfolds As It Should

I really don't have a whole lot to say regarding the NCAA's finally growing a pair and releasing the Kraken on the Trojans' football program to the tune of a 2-year bowl ban, 30 scholarship-reduction, and vacating of all wins from 2005 (including the national title from January '05) except that it's about f*cking time. These sanctions will hit USC right where it hurts: Lane Kiffin and his staff will not only have to convince the current freshmen and sophomores but also the incoming recruits for 2011 to ride out the sanction storm and keep the program from completely derailing. Oh, and forget about those talented juniors and seniors sticking around with no bowl hopes, look for other schools to begin poaching them soon enough. Did I neglect to mention the Trojans will be short-handed on the scholarship front for years to come?

As Mike has suggested in our forums
though, if the NCAA really wants to deter schools from pulling off scandalous crap like this in the future, they should fine Pete Carroll and AD Mike Garrett, who surely had to have known what was going on with Reggie Bush and all the benefits he and his family were receiving (amongst other violations that were occurring), yet turned a blind eye to it all. Nonetheless, today is a glorious one for those of us who believe in seeing cheaters get their comeuppance. The universe certainly unfolded as it should...

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  1. It's 30 scholarship reduction, not 20. They will also vacate all their wins in 2005 including title game against Oklahoma. Geez. Death of USC Football

  2. Fixed. Jesse Palmer made a good point on College Football Live about how long it took Miami to recover from similar sanctions (albeit, the Canes had only a 1-year bowl ban).