July 13, 2010

Coming This Fall: "We Are Penn State Basketball 2010"

Riding on the coattails of the smashing success of "We Are Penn State 2010," we here in the Penn State blogging community are thrilled to announce that this October will mark the release of (drum roll, please) "We Are Penn State Basketball 2010."

That's right folks, no longer will you have to suffer with college basketball magazines that treat Penn State hoops like a ten-cent hooker and spend a scant page of coverage on them. Thanks to a select group of people who should know better (i.e. Yours Truly, other PSU bloggers), you can now enjoy the same 128 pages of coverage dedicated to a basketball program where hope springs eternal but results are an entirely different story...

Below is a partial list of articles guaranteed to satisfy the 50 or so PSU hoops fans and also to bring everyone else up to date on the current state of affairs within the program. Hell, you might even learn a history lesson or two:

Yes, Penn State Has a Basketball Team, You F*cking Smartass.
- Tim@Linebacker-U.com

Can Ed DeChellis Turn It Around? (Here's a Spoiler: NO) - Devon@Nittany Whiteout

The 2010-11 Schedule: I Think They Got It Right This Time, I Can Just Feel It. - Ben@Victory Bell Rings

Overhauling The Bryce Jordan Center (Hint: It Involves Bacon)
- Run Up The Score@Black Shoe Diaries

A Look Back: The 10 Most Gut-Wrenching Losses In Program History (P.S. Sam Lickliter is an Asshole) - Mike@BSD

Breaking Down The X's and O's: "Ring Around The Perimeter" - Eric@Battle Does It Again

Excuse Me, But Could I Interest You in Women's Basketball? - Mike@LBU

Straight From The Dragon's Mouth: An Interview With Rene Portland - ReadingRambler@BSD

Talor Battle On What Makes Talor Battle So Awesome. - Talor Battle

Searching For Pete Lisicky (And Finding a Restraining Order Instead)
- Tim@LBU

I'm Not a Cheapskate, I Just Think Ed Has Us Headed In the Right Direction...By the Way, I Love How You Guys Run This Publication. - PSU Athletic Director Tim Curley

Miss Me, Yet? - Jerry Dunn

..and much, much more. I know what most of you are thinking: Why the hell should I waste my hard-earned money on such a depressing magazine? To that question, I have no valid response but if you pre-order now at MapleStreetPress.com you'll receive the magazine for 50% off the retail value of $12.99 or as we like to call it, the "Tim Curley Special."

Think of it this way: If you're not one of the 50 PSU basketball fans reading this, here's an opportunity to finally understand our plight and the pain we go through every winter. Now, there's some food for thought...


  1. The Montenegran Highlight Reel: Taking Off From The Foul Line With Milos Bogetic.

  2. RUTS - That article would have been highly appropriate for the 2006 edition of the magazine.

  3. Can we PLEASE do this? Can't you guys strong-arm Maple Street Press?

    "We'll only keep doing WAPS if you publish a basketball issue."


  4. Devon, we would single-handedly put Maple Street Press out of business due to the fact that only 10 people would buy the magazine.

  5. You should do an article interviewing Pete Lisicky and call it "You Don't Get Points For Passing."

  6. Mike - That might also work with the Crispin Brothers. I don't recall them passing the ball too much, either.

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  8. Dear Anonymous: Your comment is a slap in the face to those of us who can read and follow directions (see: NO ANONYMOUS COMMENTS)

  9. Dear Tim: When I attempted to make my original post, my browser froze. I forgot to un-anonymize the entry when I went to re-post it. Thanks for the kind words and civility, or lack thereof.

  10. Apologies, Brett. We've had a lot of issues lately with people posting anonymously, some of it involving trolling. Needless to say, I've reached a 'boiling point' as far it's concerned.