July 13, 2010

Tuesday Recruitin': Kyshoen Jarrett in the bag?

Jarrett could be verbal No. 4 for Penn State.

Kind of a short update today. There hasn't been too much going on in the recruiting world, at least not in Penn State's corner of that world. But hey, NCAA 11 comes out today, and it should be pretty good this year. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Kyshoen Jarrett might be a silent verbal right now for Penn State. Things are looking more and more like the junior from East Stroudsburg is leaning heavily towards the Nittany Lions. Jarrett was offered way back before June, but I would have to believe that the loss of Brandon Phelps to Virginia had something to do with the uptick in Penn State on his list.

Penn State is now in dire need for a highly rated true cornerback prospect. Jarrett would fit that bill. He would be a fantastic in-state pickup, and also put the secondary situation to bed. Beyond one very good corner, Penn State isn't interested in recruiting defensive backs for 2011.

Marquise Wright showed up on the Fight On State message boards again this week. I was tempted to make this into a bigger deal for this post, but depending on how recruiting shakes out the rest of this summer, we may have to dedicate a special rant post that includes this minor bombshell: Cory James reported yesterday that Wright said Penn State had "cooled" on him, leading to the start DT prospect to choose Pitt over the Nittany Lions. Shit, meet fan.

Donovan Smith is hoping to get back to Penn State sometime soon. That's a good thing, considering we haven't heard much since he was up for the Blue-White Game in April. Smith just got back from visits to UConn and Pitt, during which he said the facilities were very impressive. So, figure if he likes UConn, Penn State must be up there.

Cyrus Kouandjio is took a trip to Tuscaloosa for Alabama's final summer camp for high school players. Remember, Cyrus's brother Arie plays for Bama, so it will be tough for any school to compete with the family factor there. That being said, Penn State is still just as in this race as any other program.

Ishaq Williams plans to have a "solid seven" ($) by the end of summer. The question is: will that seven include Penn State? Right now, possibly. He does still like the Nittany Lions, but has been very coy on anything about his recruitment lately. Williams was at Penn State a few weeks ago, but there wasn't anything particularly remarkable to report from it.

Shaun Underwood, as was expected, committed to play for North Carolina. Penn State was in Underwood's top three, but the Tar Heels were the clear-cut No. 1 for a long time. More on UNC in a minute...

Beyond Happy Valley

Virginia has been good to Penn State over the years. Michael Robinson was pulled out of Richmond, and more recently Kevin Newsome hailed from the lush Tidewater Region. But if Mike London and his Virginia Cavaliers have a say in the matter, that will change, beginning with their latest verbal.
"U.Va. beat out Virginia Tech and West Virginia for [Hampton High School quarterback David] Watford. The recruiting drew notice because new Cavaliers coach Mike London delivered on his promise to make the school relevant again in the Tidewater area."
Looks like just one more area where Penn State will have to start watching its back over the next few recruiting classes.

Speaking of the Tar Heels, North Carolina has been tearing it up this class. Besides Underwood today, the Tar Heels pulled in a linebacker, a quarterback, and an offensive lineman, all in Sporting News' SN100, and all in one weekend. But it gets better, those are just three of FIVE recruits to verbal to UNC this week. Butch Davis is cookin' something good down there. Must be that tangy Carolina barbecue.

Nachoooooooo!!! This is Nacho Garcia. Get used to the name. You're going to hear it A LOT over the next two years.

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  1. We definitley need a good CB/DB prospect.
    If we get that, some quality OL, and the RB prospect Huggins... That's all we really need from this class

  2. Any basis for saying Kyshoen might be a silent?

    I've always hoped he was the lock everyone says, but I didn't think he was that close, especially since he just bumped his list to 10 when VT offered.

  3. Where's this Jarrett stuff coming from? Haven't see the dreaded "silent verbal" stuff mentioned anywhere.

  4. Wow, folks, cool your jets. Shame on me for not knowing that "silent verbal" was going to be taken so literally. Jarrett has been high on Penn State from the start. He's recently indicated that was the case to both FOS and BWI. Now with Phelps gone, there is a strong chance that Jarrett might be leaning heaviest to PSU, even though he's not going to make it official for a while longer. Maybe someone should write up a "recruiting glossary" of terms and their meanings. We can start with "silent verbal," because I was obviously under the wrong impression, even though I said "might" before them.

  5. Mike, silent verbal means. Silent (not talking) verbal (committed to the school), so when you say a player is a silent verbal, your saying he's told the coaches he committed, just not anyone else.

    If you are talking about a committment and use that term, be prepare to get, where are you getting that from when do you think he committed even if you put the term "might be" in front of it.

    Until then use PSU lean, like you would for Mangiro or like you would from Marquis Wright a couple of weeks ago, but I believe you know how that worked out.

    Its use of lose terminology like this that has everyone flipping out when a guy like Jarrett goes somewhere else. You'll have fans going, "Jeez, he might have been a silent verbal and the coaches are able to screw that up."