July 13, 2010

NCAA Football 11: Penn State Mothership

EA Sports released NCAA Football 2011 last night at midnight. Apparently, this year's edition of the franchise will be light years ahead of the last few; a good thing, since the last few have kind of sucked.

So for all of you Penn State fans out there who already picked up the game, or are planning to, today is your lucky day. In this post, you'll be able to find the most up-to-date roster and depth chart, as well as my personal favorite, Custom Stadium Sounds. I had originally cut these clips two years ago from original Penn State Blue Band recordings (OK'd by the Blue Band 'n everything), so you won't find these anywhere else!

Roster & Depth Chart

Penn State 2011 Depth Chart

Penn State 2011 Roster

Online Play/Dynasty


Patch Available

There is also a patch already available that fixes a bunch of glitches.

Custom Stadium Sounds for Penn State

Most of you already know that I played in the Blue Band for four years, so I performed each of these songs thousands upon thousands of times at more than 30 Penn State football games, as well as bowl games. To this day, I could still play them in my sleep.

If you wish to have a completely accurate Beaver Stadium experience, follow the guide I've set up below. I've created files for every Custom Stadium Sound slot in EA Sports NCAA Football 2011, so all are accounted for.

Keep in mind that some songs--Hey Baby, Livin' on a Prayer, Don't Stop Believin', Sweet Caroline, Seven Nation Army--are not on any official Blue Band recordings that I own or know of, and all the versions on YouTube or wherever are really crappy sounding. Plus, LOP, DSB and SC are dumb.

All of the recordings here are performed by the actual Penn State Marching Blue Band, in life-like digital quality. You can order any of the Blue Band's CDs on its homepage, BlueBand.psu.edu.

How to do it:

First, print this guide. It will make it a whole lot easier to match the correct songs each stadium event.

Then, just click on each link. The file will automatically download.

Finally, burn all of the songs (I made an iTunes playlist) to a CD, rip to your console, and enjoy!

(Note: If you share these clips with your friends or others, please give credit to this website. I worked hard on these, and I expect at least a little courtesy. Thanks!)

File/Song TitleEvent(s)
ABC College FootballStart 4th Qtr
Percussion EntranceKickoff; TO Away
Gladiator ShortDef. 3rd Down
Lions '68 Letter 'C'Def. On Field; 4th Down Conv.
Parade Order IntroReview
Parade Order BassTO Home
Parade Order Lets Go StateGot 1st Down
Parade Order PenaltyPen. Away
NFOS LongField Goal
TD FOS Post TDTouchdown
(Let this one play completely through before kicking the PAT.
I edited it to cut off the same way the real Blue Band does. It's pretty cool.)
TD FOS Post PATPAT; 2 Point Conv.
Victory Short3rd Down Conv.; TFL/Sack
Victory LongSafety
Right Stuff PSUDef. Stop 3rd
Zombie Nation PSUTurnover
Rock & Roll - @5Def. Stop 4th; Opp FG Miss

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  1. Awesome stuff Mike! Too bad you have the hated Xbox and not the Playstation 3 which has a much better online experience (read free).

  2. I may make the switch to PS3 next year. I used to be a die-hard PS2 user... very die-hard. I never thought I would buy an XBox, but I did before PS3 came out. Had PS3 come out before I got my XBox, I would have gotten PS3 instead. It really sucks how the system works, though, where PS3 users can't play against XBox users. But that's capitalism at its finest, I guess.

  3. When Blu-ray won the high-def wars I got a Playstation 3. At the time you couldn't get a Blu-ray player cheep so for 50 bucks more you got a Playstation and a player. Xbox missed the boat on that one.

  4. What? No Wii version? BAH!

  5. Ok, here's a few reactions after my first game, Pitt at Penn State:

    -For the most realistic stats, set the quarters to 8 minutes. Pitt ended up with about 320 yards, to my 295. The final score was Pitt 17, PSU 10.

    -Pitt felt like Deon Lewis ran roughshod all over my D, but he only finished with 115 yards. Pitt overall only had 142 rush yards. But it really felt like 300. So that's much more accurate than years past.

    -Practice on Defense! Getting a sack is very difficult. I had 0 against Pitt. So the sliders might need some tweaking there. But overall, it comes down to calling the right defense at the right time. I wouldn't complain if the sliders were left as is.

    -Make your passing read quickly. Kevin Newsome finished with 3 INTs, but they were mostly my own fault. I got spooked by the Pitt pass rush, and didn't make good reads. There were many occasions where I went back to the replay, and was able to see the WR that was open.

    -Set up your blocks. DON'T outrun your blocking. That will result in a loss almost every time. I find that counters out of the Ace formation run very well, especially if you motion the tight end to the run side. Evan Royster is a beast, but you wouldn't know that if you don't use the blockers. I guess that is actually very accurate to real life, as Royster is a vision runner.

    -Overall, Penn State is a good team. The defense is good, and the offense has potential. I didn't get too much beyond trying to feel it out. But I'll play another one in a little bit. No online stuff yet. When ACCURATE ROSTERS are available, I'll update you all with a blog post. Usually, they take a day or two to come out for free. You should never pay for rosters, FYI.

    I do recommend this year's game. It's just too bad EA didn't do half this stuff already over the last four years or so.

  6. Make your passing read quickly. Kevin Newsome finished with 3 INTs, but they were mostly my own fault. I got spooked by the Pitt pass rush, and didn't make good reads.
    No, don't blame yourself Mike, that sounds about par for the course.

  7. It's a shame I don't have the time nor do I have my own 360 on me for this. Perhaps in a couple of months...Keep practicing, Mikey.

  8. My second game. PSU vs Nebraska.

    The Huskers kick a FG w/one second left to win it 23-20. But my being minus-2 in turnover margin was the big problem. PSU outgained NU 357-295. Newsome even did much better, throwing two TDs, and only one INT. Just before NU's final drive, Newsome hit Moye for a 80-yd TD pass to tie the game at 20.

    I'm now 0-2 vs the CPU, but they were both very close games. So I'm very happy with NCAA 11 so far.

  9. Awesome stuff. One question... for the Custom Stadium Sounds, is the link for "Parade Order Penalty" supposed to be attached to "02 Percussion Entrance"? That's supposed to be something different, isn't it?

  10. You're correct. I fixed the link. Thanks for the catch!

  11. Thanks for the informative post. I picked up my copy for PS3 yesterday and the first thing I did was print off a Darryl Clark custom cover for it.

    After updating my system,(took almost 1/2 hour) and then getting the patch installed, I was ready to play. I played an exhibiton game at home against Michigan State. Needless to say, I pretty much worked them over. I was feeling good, so I decided to try my luck online. Unlucky for me, my random opponent chose Alabama, and treated me like a red-headed stepchild.

    I must say that this game is much improved over the 2009 version which I have been playing since it came out. I stayed away from 2010 because I only heard bad things about it.

    Tonight I'll be setting up my custom sounds.

    I look forward to putting many hours into this game, and I am getting restless for the current rosters to come out for 2011.

  12. Great stuff Mike. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    Love this game. My first match-up was in Week 2 against Alabama on the road. Uneventful until midway through the 2Q. Latimore was bearing down on McElroy and his errant pass was picked off by Morris who took it to the house. Then at the end of the half Moye was 1 on 1 streaking down the field so I threw it up and he made a beautiful catch to put me up 14-0 at half.

    Royster had a nice TD run right up the gut off a nice block by Suhey where he absolutely blew up the MLB. Rosyter ended up with 148yds 1TD.

    D pretty much shut Alabama's passing game down and held Ingram to 71 yards 1TD.

    Ended up winning 24-7 and jumped 5 spots to #11.

  13. Rosters update

    For 360 players, rosters should be done this afternoon. Gamertag to get the rosters from is: Fairdale Kings

    For fellow PS3ers, rosters look to be completed this evening. PSN ID is buckeye02. I know, but he does the best ps3 rosters every year.

    I'll keep you posted

  14. The FAIRDALE KINGS rosters are NAME ONLY rosters, with no transfers, number changes, or anything like that. So if you're only playing with them in ranked individual online games, or just don't care, then go get the FAIRDALE KINGS rosters.

    Otherwise, wait a bit longer, because there is a group at Operation Sports doing completely accurate 360 rosters. The first version is out now, and is very good on its own, with 99% of the transfers, number changes, and other corrections complete.

    Again, I'll have a blog post when the full 360 rosters are done. But for now, just the PS3 rosters are accurate beyond just the names.