August 30, 2010

Christmas is here; its game week!

As an adult there really isn't anything better than the start of a new college football season. Even in the dark years of Penn State football I still was excited when game 1 rolled around. It's like Christmas for adults, we have all these shiny presents in the form of a new team to unwrap and see what we got. Did we get the proverbial Playstation 3 in the form of a Big Ten champ or did we get a team equivalent to a new set of tube socks.*

NOT what a kid or a Penn State fan wants

While this isn't our first rodeo as individual bloggers this is the first season as Linebacker-U, so I thought I'd give you all a heads-up on what to expect. Here's a look at what you will find here on a weekly basis at Linebacker-U.

What's on Tap

Mondays -
-BlogPoll Ballot Draft
-Creepin' the Big Ten – a recap of what happened around the Big Ten
-Impressions/Reactions to the Nittany Lions (yes we do impressions)

Tuesdays -
-Still Bleeding Blue – a weekly look at Penn Staters in the pros.

Wednesdays -
-BlogPoll Final Ballot
-10 Minutes or Less

Thursdays -
-Big Ten Bloggers Pick'em
-Full PSU Game Preview
-BlogPoll Top 25

Fridays -
-LBU Staff Predictions
-Roster/Injury/Depth Chart Update

Sundays -
-Quick Game Recap/Reaction

Notes – First and foremost I would like to encourage all of you to chime in when Nick posts his BlogPoll draft on Mondays. We take the BlogPoll very seriously and we love when you, our readers, give us feedback. Nick tries his best but it's not an easy task and your help is wanted and appreciated. Call him nuts for ranking Penn State so low and Florida State too high… tell him Ohio State sucks… whatever, just give us your two cents.

While that's the basic nuts and bolts of the schedule, that's not all you get.

But wait, there's still more!

We realize that Football is the bee's knees but there are other sports to talk about. We'll keep you updated on Women's Volleyball and Basketball along with Men's Basketball (yes we DO have a team). Also, coming in November the men of the Penn State Wrestling team start their journeys toward individual and team National Championships and I won't let you forget it, you'll get full coverage with the Wrestling Wreport.

We'll have a live blog for certain games on Penn State's schedule and if the powers that be smile on Linebacker-U and give Mike credentials you may even get exclusive game photos from the sideline.

Now what would you pay for coverage like this? $19.95? I think not; it's all free at Linebacker-U.

*I dare you to hunt for a picture of tube socks. It's almost impossible to find a pic without a half-naked female model or Ashley Tisdale wearing them. When did we get a tube sock fetish America?

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  1. I want your two cents but not your money.