August 30, 2010

LBU Quiz: Who is 'The Father of Linebacker U'?

Nate Stupar tackles Justin Brown (2)
Nate Stupar (34) might be the next great linebacker at Penn State,
but do you know who earned the reputation as "The Father of Linebacker U"?
We're going to give you a little history lesson this week. We might even do this every week on a new topic--ala the Aflac Trivia Question. But first, let's test your own Penn State and Linebacker U knowledge.

The Nittany Lions have been known for decades as "Linebacker U." Great linebackers have stamped their reputation into Happy Valley like no other position at no other college football program.

But what, or who, is behind the creation of this 'backer dominance? That's our quiz for all you Penn State historians out there. Who is "The Father of Linebacker U"?

Note: Please don't give out any hints in the comments, as we'll reveal the answer, including the full backstory, on Wednesday.

Who is 'The Father of Linebacker U'?

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  1. Interesting results so far. Keep'em coming.

  2. With a name like "bad rad" it has to be him.

  3. agreed. name too good to resist