August 12, 2010

Linkbacker U cannot make this stuff up

The lone bright spot in Penn State basketball's future got another police citation today, and I hardly blinked an eye. It was just that kind of day in sports.

Jim Gray "Decides"Corey Pavin is Going Down

Well Jim, if you wanted people to forget about the idiotic "Do you bite your fingernails" question, or one of the million other pointless questions that you asked Lebron James in the infamous "Decision" special, well you certainly did a good job.

The Washington Post provides a full chronology of the events, but the Spark Notes version basically states that Corey Pavin told him in an interview that he would pick Tiger Woods for the U.S. Ryder Cup team if he didn't qualify. Pavin then denied saying such things after Gray reported it, at which point Gray got in Pavin's face in the media room, called him a "liar" and that he would take Pavin down.

My bet? It's Gray that's going down. Pavin's the one with the golf clubs, and Gray already has one strike against him for the terrible "Decision". I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up scratching the Golf Channel from one of his 3,000 employers.

While We're Talking about High School Drama...

Have you been keeping up on this Darrelle Revis situation? As a die heart Jet fan, obviously this peaks my interest, but it seems its getting a lot of play on ESPN as well. Revis still has three years left on his rookie deal, but is holding out until he gets the money he feels he deserves. He is insistent on being paid as the top cornerback in the league, but you probably already know that.

The New York Daily News had a story yesterday that the two sides were still $40 million apart in negotiations, and not only can't agree on terms of the deal, but can't even communicate correctly. Did owner Woody Johnson offer to attend a meeting with Revis? That's what he said. But agent Neil Schwartz told the New York Post otherwise.

“Mike never, ever, ever, ever offered Mr. Johnson to come to that meeting,’’ Schwartz said. “That’s blatant lie that Woody was offered to come to that that meeting, a blatant lie. That was never, ever, ever offered.

“I would meet with Mr. Johnson anywhere, any place any time. I’d love to talk to Mr. Johnson but I don’t have his cell number. Why would I have insisted to Mike that that proposal go to Mr. Johnson and not want him in the meeting? I wanted Mr. Johnson’s input so I could go through his concerns. I felt we addressed all of his concerns in that proposal so we could get a deal done.’’

Man I remember when I was in high school...

The bench is boring, beating up father-in-laws is more fun

Another story out of the city that never sleeps. Following the Met game last night (which I happened to be at) closer Francisco Rodriguez was not exactly all smiles after manager Jerry Manuel did not put him in to attempt a four out save. Up steps Melvin Mora with the bases loaded and yada yada yada the Mets lose another game.

But K-Rod wasn't going to show up to the stadium and not get his moneys worth. The New York Post, among other news media outlets, reports K-Rod was arrested for assaulting his father-in-law in the Met clubhouse. I just don't even know what to say anymore. I guess you can say that K-Rod only increased the slugging percentage for the team that is struggling to hit.

Robert Bolden a Starter?

It certainly would teach us not to put too much emphasis on the Blue White game. Or maybe based on all the other candidates' performances, he is the only option based on process of elimination. But Big Ten Network's Dave Revsine was at Penn State media day and saw the quarterbacks practice. His opinion? Bolden's got the goods. And he wasn't afraid to hide it, tweeting two separate times that he believes Bolden will be the starter.
It would not surprise me one bit if Robert Bolden is PSU's starting QB. Looks really good - poised, athletic, and has fantastic arm strength
about 8 hours ago via OpenBeak
To amend earlier tweet - not only wouldn't I be surprised if Bolden is PSU's QB - I'd also be surprised if he isn't -at least based on today

In other news: Stephon Morris is day-to-day with an apparent neck injury, Black Shoe Diaries breaks down all the pre-season hype for the Nittany Lion star players, and Isiah Thomas won't be coming back to the Knicks after all (THANK GOD.)

No word yet on whether Taran Buie was getting drunk out of a sliz cup. We will let you know if we get an update.


  1. My money has been on Bolden since watching his film last year. Plus his maturity appears to be well beyond his peers. I'm saying he gets the permanent starting nod on the way to Kinnick.

  2. Tyler.
    bolden or newsome is my call i think jones still has growing to do and he'll be redshirted