August 12, 2010

Thursday Quesiton: 2010 Surprise Breakout Offensive Player

Will Kevin Newsome (12) surprise the Nittany Nation this fall, with a breakout season?
Last week, it was our picks for the breakout defensive player for 2010. This week, we flip over to the offensive side of the ball. From quarterback to wide receiver to the return game, we'll take a look at a few players that could catch you off guard this season, with a truly surprising breakout campaign.

So, let's get to it: What's your surprise breakout offensive player for 2010?


This may come as a shocker but I’m going to go with Kevin Newsome as my breakout offensive player for 2010. It’s all set up for Kevin, Penn State will feature a strong running game behind a record-setting running back. If Newsome can be adequate to above average the offense will soar. Teams will undoubtedly stack the line to stop the run and challenge PSU to beat them through the air. If Kevin can burn a couple defenses early it will make defensive coordinators think twice. Not to mention there isn’t a Penn State fan that doesn’t think Kevin has wheels, he’ll burn a couple defenses that let him get outside the pocket. I was skeptical about Michael Robinson and Darryl Clark when they stepped into the starting QB role for the first time and I was wrong about them. I’ve been outspoken about Newsome as well so who’s to say I’m not wrong about him, and let’s face it the universe hates me so he’ll probably have a great year just to make me look bad.


I really do think that Kevin Newsome qualifies for a surprise breakout candidate this year; that's why he's my pick. No one is expecting the kid from Portsmouth, VA to excel on the field of play this fall. Far too many fans and pundits are calling for him to be benched, before he's even thrown a meaningful pass. That's ridiculous. This is all not to say that Paul Jones or Robert Bolden, or even Matt McGloin aren't good, or have the chance to someday get there. But considering the offensive situation for 2010, why wouldn't Newsome have a chance to be a younger Mike Robinson?

The offense will need a running quarterback. The wide receivers are dynamic enough to make mediocre passes look fantastic. The offensive line is good enough to get by with said running QB. There are at least three good running backs, and another who is up for the Doak Walker and Maxwell awards. Kevin Newsome has the most experience of any QB, not matter how little that actually may be. He has been running these plays for a year and eight months, and has speed to burn. Yes, there's a new No. 12 in town, and he is my pick for 2010's surprise breakout player on offense.

Will Brett Brackett (83) have a breakout senior season?

I know going it may not seem like too big of a risk to say a senior is going to be a breakout player, but Brett Brackett to me has all the makings of finally coming into his own this year at the receiver position. He was slated to start in the slot before the Curtis Drake injury, but it seemed a formality that Drake would be getting a bunch of snaps in his stead. Brackett is a HUGE target, and whoever the starting quarterback is, they are certainly going to find comfort in throwing to the 6'6 232 pounder. I expect Brackett to be the primary red-zone threat, as well as a frequent target on third downs. Brackett is also slotted to be the starting holder, so he hopefully will be able to help Colin Wagner in the kicking game as well. And who knows, if this passing game turns out to be as bad as a lot of people think it is going to be, maybe Brackett goes back to his high school days and starts taking snaps under center for old time's sake.


I'm going to go out on a limb here: Devon Smith. Let's not forget that the little speedster saw some meaningful PT early last season before a concussion and off-field issues got him buried under the depth chart. I still remember him running a beautiful route to get wide open for a 20+ yard catch against Akron and having a couple of nice runs out of the reverse. I fully expect to see him returning kickoffs this season but now with the lovable Drake out 6-8 weeks, don't be surprised if you see Smith being utilized the way the coaching staff had intended to use Drake (i.e. reverses, screens, etc.). Not only is he a blur, but his shortness (5'8") could make him difficult to spot by opposing defenders if he has enough tall blockers in front of him.

Of course, there's a chance I could be dead wrong on this prediction and Brett Brackett ends up filling the void for Drake's duties but I have a gut feeling about Devon breaking out this year. Oh, and you can't talk about Mr. Smith without this obligatory video:

Who is your surprise breakout offensive player for 2010?

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  1. tyler.
    shawney kersey and brandon moseby-felder

  2. Curtis Dukes... He will end up being a HUGE part of the back field this year, just running through people! Ask Stephon Morris! LBs & DBs should be scared of PSUs 3-Headed Monster


  3. Justin Brown will become the number one option this year @ WR.


  4. Wow, Smith is so fast he outran the camera.