August 4, 2010

Linkbacker U doesn't buy the #1 Ranking

Number One? Could Have Fooled Me....
Notice all those empty seats? That's the student section during the Minnesota game. I don't think Princeton review saw that when they released their yearly rankings...and yes, we know PSU wasn't the number one party school-giving the townies one less thing to bitch about. But Penn State did top the list of "Students Pack the Stadiums," essentially awarding the Penn State student section the honor of best in the country...again.

I must say, I'm quite surprised. Obviously this ranking system isn't the end all be all of rankings, but the student section definitely was not at its best this year. Chances are, if you are a student reading were watching some of this years PSU games on your couch. The student section on HOMECOMING didn't come anywhere near filling up. I don't care what the weather was. The top student section in the country should be filled regardless of the weather. And yes I know Madison Square Garden was pretty sweet for the NIT. But pretty interesting how quickly those "fans" disappeared last year, huh?

Joe is Doing Just Fine Thank You.

When I first read this story, I thought I needed my contact perscription renewed. I couldn't possibly be reading this right. Cory Giger engaging in friendly conversation with Joe Paterno, and actually giving him the benefit of the doubt? Most known for drawing the ire of Paterno with inquisitive questions during press conferences, Giger made a complete 180 and complimented the PSU coach at media day.
"The Joe Paterno I saw walking in the hotel lobby looked vibrant and relaxed, much different than he had appeared hours earlier in front of the cameras and recorders. Spending a few minutes alone with him provided a different perspective than the one more than 100 media members -- myself included -- had formulated earlier in the day."
As for why Joe Pa maybe seemed a little out of sorts during the media day festivities? Former Lion quarterback Blackledge told us all what we already knew...he doesn't exactly love the media.
"I really don't think he enjoys these things at all," the player-turned broadcaster said. "And so, it's like for a lot of us maybe going to the dentist, is what this is like for Joe. He wasn't as playful maybe, he wasn't as vibrant as he's been in the past, but I think part of that is he just wants to go back home and coach."

Championship in 2011?

It's not the BCS Playoff that we're all hoping for, but it's at least a step in the right direction. And let's be honest, the future doesn't look like PSU would qualify for a BCS playoff anyway. But it appears that we will see a Big Ten Championship Game next year, and the PSU players are freakin' excited.
"I'm real pumped up about a championship game. None of us like that long gap after our last [regular-season] game until the bowl game. We've been at home watching two weeks of football the last couple of years, and no one really likes that."-Lynn

"As a player, I just think that would be an awesome game to be a part of at the end of the season and they crown a champion," he said. "I'm kind of down a little on the whole co-champ thing. I think that is kind of lame."-Wisniewski
DWill making PSU proud

On the football field...maybe not, but he's doing one hell of a job in the Detroit community. wrote a feature on Williams and posted a video interview they conducted with him, and he genuinely seems dedicated to helping the Detroit community. He started the Mealz on DWheelz program to supply lunches to some of the inner city schools and helps at the local Boys and Girls Club of America. I'm sure his teammates have a lot of respect for his work off the field, but would really prefer he performs better on it, or he may have to take his charity work elswhere.

Joe Pa Exclusive

Joe Schad of ESPN sat down with Joe Pa during over the weekend. The title on the site may say they discussed the upcoming season, but don't buy it. He essentially asked him about his age-rewording the same question four or five different ways. Nonetheless, here's the interview in case you missed it.

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  1. tyler
    yo retards that published this trying to degrate the penn state Student section that is the Minnesota section. just look at where it is on the field. that is psu's sideline down the opposite end

  2. I think the choice of photo could have been better. But the argument that Penn State's student section has lost its edge is a sound one. It's tough to compare anything to PSU '05, which is what most folks try to do. But still, the lack of early game attendance is annoying.