August 3, 2010

Linkbacker U is checking in with the pros

So I figured you are probably well read by now on what was said during Big Ten Media Day. I therefore thought it'd be good to check in with some of our old pals in the professional ranks, you know, the ones that would kick this team's you know what.

Speaking of Kicking Butt...

Aaron Maybin finally making headlines in Buffalo...but not for anything he's doing on the field. Well, it did happen on the field..;but not for making any positive contribution to the team. Mybin shoved starting running back Fred Jackson to the ground yesterday, a cheap shot that drew the ire of some of his teammates.

But Bills guard Eric Wood, a fellow 2009 first-rounder, remained unhappy a few snaps later.

"Give back some of that money you ain't [expletive] earned!" Wood screamed at Maybin.

Can't say this shocks me. Maybin never struck me as a team first type player, and this further proves that. The kid needs to get his act together, if he wants to follow in the footsteps of a certain other PSU defensive end making it big in the pros.

Tamba Hali on the Other Hand...

The Chiefs may be putrid, but Hali is making quite a name for himself in the NFL. ArrowHeadPride over at SB Nation ponders whether Hali has surpassed Elvis Dumberville as the premiere pass rusher in the AFC West.
"I think that the difference between them is much smaller than the public perception of the difference between them," Barnwell told us this week. "Dumervil attacks an offense's weakest point; Hali usually spends most of his time rushing at left tackle, and he does a good job of it; he abused Ryan Clady last year, among the league's best left tackles.

"When you add hits and hurries to the equation, Hali had 41.5 quarterback "incidents", and Dumervil had 41. He's better against the run, and with Dumervil playing in front of a far superior secondary, Hali likely had to get to the quarterback quicker."

time rushing at left tackle, and he does a good job of it; he abused Ryan Clady last year, among the league's best left tackles.

Since when is Levi Brown a Question Mark?

When I think of Levi Brown's career at Penn State...question mark is the last thing that comes to mind. The dude was an absolute beast at tackle for the Lions. Well that may not be the same now in the NFL, as his transition from right tackle to left tackle is raising some cynical eye brows from the local Arizona reporters at KTAR.COM.
Offensive Tackles: Will Levi Brown & Brandon Keith earn their keep? Meaning, will they keep their jobs as the new starting tackles?

Levi Brown at left tackle, will it work?. I wasn't too fond of him at right tackle and now he is moving to left. Granted it is Leinart's blind side, but he will still have to line up against dominant pass rushers
Connor Finally Getting his Time to Shine

Like his predecessor Paul Posluszny, Connor didn't quite get off to such a good start in the NFL, losing his first season to injury. But now it was Thomas Davis's turn to go down with a season ending injury, and it's time for Connor to reap the benefits. I'm not one to cheer when someone gets hurt--unless when that someone would happen to play quarterback for Ohio State--but this is great news for Connor, who now moves in to starting role at middle linebacker.

Same Old Same Old for Lee

Seemingly like clockwork, another PSU linebacker is starting his NFL career on the sidelines with injury. This time, it's Sean Lee with a quad strain. He just can't catch a break...But he says he's ready to go after sitting out five days of practice, and just waits for the doc's approval.
"It's frustrating because you see you're team going through camp and you want to be a part of it. You see those guys working really hard and it's frustrating to be on the side. Plus, guys are getting better as football players. I'm trying to make sure I get mental reps as much as possible.'
Let's hope he makes quick work of this injury, and get's back on the field fully health soon.


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