August 2, 2010

Linkbacker U is Raking in the Cash!

Jared Odrick, Navorro Bowman Sign

As a die heart Jet fan, it kills me to see Jared Odrick in Miami. One pick! They missed Odrick by one pick! Urgh! Nonetheless, you can't help but be happy for the kid, signing a 5 year 7.1 million dollar contract with Miami.

"It's more of a relief than anything," said Odrick, when reached by cell phone in Miami on Thursday night. "I felt it was a matter of business, really. I wanted to get to campon time and we (agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Do
lphins front office) got that accomplished. This is a business thing. I'm going to work tomorrow."
"It was very importan
Bulleted Listt to Jared to report on time," Rosenhaus told the Associated Press. "The other day he said to me'Do everything you can so I can report Thursday night for the first meeting.'"

Quite refreshing to see a high character guy like Odrick focused on getting to camp on time, rather than a certain Pitt defensive player purely focused on getting the most money.

Odrick wasn't the only Lion to sign, as the Collegian's Footblog tells us Navorro Bowman inked a four year deal with the 49ers and is reporting to camp on time.

"Realistically, it's going to take a really strong training camp for Bowman to become a key contributor this season, but he should be able to turn some heads. Whether he does this by playing special teams or by being featured in sub packages remains to be seen. But for now, being at camp on time is certainly a plus."

There's Only One Coach Without a Cell Phone

Take it to the bank, Lions fans. You wont see Joe Paterno being accused of any NCAA violations for improperly texting recruits. Why? Well you need a cell phone to text, last I checked. Paterno finished up his chat with Rich Scarcella of the Reading Eagle, and talked about his use of technology, among a bunch of other topics.

"If somebody wants me, they know how to get me. They may not get me right away. They may call in the morning and Sandi (Segursky, his administrative assistant) will call me and tell me I have three messages. "OK, I'll get back to them this afternoon." I don't need a cell phone.

I know how to use a cell phone. I don't know how to use these phones that they use to take a picture. I'm walking around the campus or walking down the park in the back of my house, and somebody runs out carrying this little thing that looks like a cigarette lighter and takes a picture."
And no, he doesn't have a twitter either.

And the Starters at QB, LB is..........Not so Fast My Friend

You may be playing with Kevin Newsome on your Play Station 3, but the actual starter has yet to be announced (in case you've been living under a rock).

While everyone and their grandmother is talking about the quarterback battle, Cory Giger takes a look at the battle that may have a far greater impact on this team and a position that this website holds very dearly-linebacker.

He mentions that the starters are currently slated to be Chris Colasanti, Nate Stupar, and Bani Gbadyu. But it's a comment that Stupar made about backup Mike Mauti that interests me.
Asked if Mauti is back to 100 percent, Stupar replied, "I'd say it's better than that - 110 percent. He's looking awesome."
Mauti was always an exceptional talent that was supposed to give Josh Hull a run at the starting gig last year before getting hurt. If he truly is 110%, why not give him a shot at starting?

Big Ten Network the Place to Be

If you find hours of live press conferences and lip service to be riveting television, then the next couple days are right up your alley. The Big Ten Network and ESPN News will be covering Big Ten Media Day today with the Big Ten Network airing additional coverage tomorrow. Coverage begins this morning at 11 a.m.

Or if you have something else to do on a Monday morning like work perhaps, then you have a couple choices. Either set your DVR, or if you can sneak onto, they will be airing the interviews on their site as well

No Top 25?

Pre-season rankings may very well be meaningless, but that doesn't mean they aren't fun to talk about. Sporting News published their Top 100 Division 1-A college football teams this past Saturday. They gave the Big Ten a ton of respect, including three teams in the top 15.

Ohio State is right behind Alabama at two, Wisconsin slides in as the eighth ranked team, and Iowa gets the 13th spot. Notice I didn't mention Penn State. That's because they didn't even make the top 25, sliding in as the 32nd ranked team in the pre-season rankings.

Guess there must be some sort of uncertainty surrounding this year's team or something. Who knew?


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