August 18, 2010

Linkbacker U is striking the pose

Royster Sixth on ESPN's Heisman Watch

For as long as I can remember, the Heisman Trophy winner has come from a team that you know, wins....a lot. Usually they're in the BCS Championship or another prestigious bowl game.

I posted a few days ago how the local media collectively predicted Penn State to win 8 games. Ivan Maisel clearly isn't a member of the local media. He puts Evan Royster sixth on his Heisman watch list.
"Evan Royster, Penn State: A veteran line and a young quarterback translate into a lot of responsibility -- and opportunity -- for this senior running back."
Excuse me? Veteran offensive line!?!? Perhaps by age, but I don't think I have to tell you this offensive line isn't quite experienced. Then again, can't really expect any more from ESPN. I still have yet to hear them mention a single Penn State player's name on the air. Earth to the World Wide Leader, there's more than just a coach here in the valley.

Quarterback Prognostication

As long as the practices remain closed to the media, you could spin a wheel and have just as good of a guess at who the quarterback is going to be as any of us. It seems Joe is only promoting baseless speculation by keeping media in the dark. But that being the case, Devon over at Nittany White Out takes a look back at what some reporters have been saying regarding the QB situation.

To those who question whether Joe Paterno would start a freshman, or undermine Kevin Newsome–I think you’re reading into things a bit too far. Just because Daryll Clark didn’t usurp Anthony Morelli doesn’t mean that in a wide-open field that the best player won’t win the job. You don’t become the best coach in college football history through stubbornness and obstinacy, and Joe is going to put his team in the best possible position to win. If that means Robert Bolden is going to start games under center, so be it.

To me, I'm not looking at Clark's competition with Morelli, but rather his battle with Pat Devlin. I'll believe that Paterno goes to a freshman at quarterback when I see it.

You mean Alabama is NOT the football version of the '98 Yankees?

You'd think that Penn State was going to go ahead and forfeit based on all the pessimistic talk from the PSU side of things (myself included). But Black Shoe Diaries points out that Alabama isn't both an unstoppable force and an unmovable object, they don't scare the ball and make it run away, they can't bend glass, or any other Chuck Norris turned Jack Bauer facts. They are not perfect after all.

"If this was all happening halfway through the season during a bye week I would say no big deal. Every team hits the wall at some point in the season. Their bodies hurt, they are mentally exhausted, maybe a weaker opponent is coming up and they just let up on the effort. You have to expect that. But this is the second week of preseason practice. You would think after an entire summer of lifting weights and running drills with football just three weeks away that these guys would be chomping at the bit to strap on the pads and hit each other. Especially with nine slots open on defense that are up for grabs.

But instead we're hearing that Alabama is having problems getting motivated? To me, that's a serious red flag if I'm a Crimson Tide fan. That tells me these guys spent the summer reading the headlines and celebrating their championship instead of finishing hard on that last sprint or fighting through that last bench press when your arms feel like they have nothing left to give. Nobody is going to give you anything just because you're Alabama. Let's hope they learn that the hard way on September 11."

Women's Soccer Favored to Win Big Ten

We posted yesterday that the women's volleyball team received the number one overall ranking in the first preseason poll. Whether that is based on last year's (and the two years before that) performance or actual returning talent, I can't say for sure, but they aren't the only women's team on campus primed for a big year.

The women's soccer team was picked to win the Big Ten. I won't pretend to be informed to dissect their chances, but will instead refer you to the press release.

From the Professional Ranks: Anthony Scirrotto signs on with the Eagles, Derrick Williams is hoping not to be as pathetic this year, Jared Odrick is off to a good start in South Beach, and Ben Heath is a monster.

Oh, and Brett Favre is coming back...again. Remember when "multiple reports" said he was retiring?


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