September 24, 2010

10 Minutes Or Less: 1976 Penn State at Temple

Undoubtedly, this is Temple's most talent-laden squad since the late 1970's when Wayne Hardin was coaching the program and gave PSU a run for their money during a few close contests that all ended in narrow defeats for the Owls. I figured a video from the aforementioned Hardin era would be appropriate considering the fact that tomorrow's game has potential to end up being a nail-biter of sorts.

This video from 1976 showcases one of those close contests in which PSU had secured the victory only after Temple failed on a game-winning two point conversion attempt as time expired. It also showcases just how different college football games were back then: No corny side segments on TV broadcasts (as much as I enjoy Todd Blackledge's "Taste Of The Town"), and no crappy piped-in music (are you reading this, Guido D'Elia?) after a touchdown.

Keep an eye out as well for:
  • A human-sized turd high-fiving the Temple players after every touchdown...actually, that's Temple's mascot. 
  • Some idiot fan running onto the field in the final seconds, getting in the face of a referee, then getting shoved onto his ass by that same ref. The fan is then slowly escorted off the field by ONE security guard. No mace, no handcuffs, and certainly no "don't tase me, bro!" were necessary.  Temple used this incident to their advantage by scoring an easy passing touchdown before PSU's distracted defense could react.
  • A Brooklyn accent that sounds like JoePa's. No, JoePa did not clone himself but rather his younger brother, George, was an analyst on this broadcast alongside the announcer, Ray Scott. George would go on to do radio play-by-play alongside Fran Fisher for many years.

*Apologies for my near complete lack of posting lately. I've been bogged down with real world responsibilities to the point where I wasn't able to edit this week's 10 Minutes Or Less video until last night.

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