September 29, 2010

10 Minutes Or Less: 1994 Penn State vs Iowa

Someday, I am going to own every DVD from the 1994 season. Watching these games are like watching Seinfeld reruns, they never cease to become amusing. Seeing Ki-Jana Carter, Mike Archie, or one of the highly talented towel boys run roughshod over opponents (thanks in part to those gaping holes left by an elite offensive line anchored by Marco Rivera) while Kerry Collins carves up secondaries like Thanksgiving turkeys is always a sight to truly behold. Today's video, a 61-21 beat down of Iowa, is no different. 

From the opening kickoff, PSU set the tone against a young, inexperienced, and over-matched Hawkeye squad with backup tailback Mike Archie returning the kick to the 50-yard line. Before anyone in the stands could blink, PSU had been spotted a 35-0 lead with time still remaining in the first quarter, thanks to a bevy of big plays on offense for PSU, special teams gaffes and turnovers courtesy of Iowa, allowing me to comprise a highlight video that could affectionately be described as "college football porn." Like all games from the '94 season, this one is chock full of awesome highlights that forced me to go over the 10-minute mark*...way over, in fact. Clocking in at 11:27, it's easily the longest 10 Minutes Or Less video thus far. It should also provide a sharp contrast to how PSU's offense is likely to perform this Saturday in Iowa City.

* No, smartass, I'm not changing the title of our series. Do you really think 15 Minutes Or Less has the same ring to it?

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  1. After the game, Hayden Fry provided the defining quote for the 1994 Penn State team.

    "I was afraid something like this would happen."


  2. I was at this game as a 10 year old. I vaguely recall Hayden Fry complaining to the refs because of the crowd noise. It was also my first time ever sporting a poncho to a game, it got rather drizzly at times.

  3. That gave me a headache... in the most wonderful way imaginable.

  4. I remember being there in the upper deck with my roomate and aunt and uncle seing archie juke that guy out was awesome. That defender lost his jaques strappe. Think about it that 94 team just destroyed iowa and osu. Now we are lucky to beat just 1 of those teams in a close game every few years, sad.