September 17, 2010

Big Ten Blogger's Pick'em: Week 3

The Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em rolls on to week 3 and Linebacker-U is sitting in 2nd place behind The Daily Gopher. Curious that the guy that runs the Pick’em is in first place huh?
No, we would never suggest cheating; actually he e-mails his picks out just like the rest of us so bully for him. Mike gets the homer penalty for picking Penn State last week… ha ha ha ha!! Sucker. Tim gets the “I fart in your general direction” penalty for picking Notre Dame… and LOSING!  

Now go a-way before I taunt you again!
That puts yours truly sitting in a commanding lead over my blogging cohorts and what’s this?!? We all chose the same teams this week, well guess I’ll just keep my lead for another week huh? Stats and comments to follow:

Last Week
Tim: 8-2
Mike: 8-2
Galen: 9-1 - HA!

Tim: 18-3
Mike: 18-3
Galen: 19-2

LB-U: 19 -2 2nd place

DateVisitor @ HostTime, TVGalenTimMikeLB-U
Sat 09/18/10 Ball State @ Purdue12, BTN
Sat 09/18/10 Massachusetts @ Michigan 12, BTN
Sat 09/18/10 Northern Illinois @ Illinois 12, BTN
Sat 09/18/10 Ohio @ Ohio State12, BTN
Sat 09/18/10 Arizona State @ Wisconsin3:30, ABC
Sat 09/18/10 USC @ Minnesota3:30, ESPN
Sat 09/18/10 Indiana @ Western Kentucky4, BTN
Sat 09/18/10 Northwestern @ Rice7:00 PM
Sat 09/18/10 Notre Dame @ Michigan State8, ABC
Sat 09/18/10 Iowa @ Arizona10:30, ESPN

Random Commentation (yeah I made up a word)


The picks are a bit trickier this week, with some decent matchups in East Lansing and Tuscon. Arizona looks like another eight or nine-win squad, but Iowa looks like an 11 or 12-win squad. Michigan State usually pisses us off by blowing a game like this one, but Notre Dame has been living on a prayer (seriously, no pun intended) all season. Arizona State doesn't have the tools to stop Wisconsin, even if Scott Tolzien tries his darnedest to screw it up for the Badgers. USC will... eh, nevermind. Ball State and Northern Illinois are two MAC teams that have traditionally done enough to scare many Big Ten teams, but I'm going out on a limb here, assuming both Purdue and Illinois will play within a galaxy of their talent levels compared to their opponents. Indiana and Michigan are obvious wins. Northwestern is in an interesting position, having to travel yet again (went to Vandy in week 1). But I like what the Wildcats are doing, while Rice is still Rice.

Yawn. This week brings us some boooorrinnng games. Most of them are obvious picks; Arizona State may give Wisconsin some trouble but they’ll once again pound them into submission. USC will destroy Minnesota and I think Northwestern is a good bet against a 1-1 C-USA opponent who barely eked out a win against a winless North Texas. Then there’s Michigan State. Honestly this game could go either way. MSU has the tools on offense to pound the Notre Shame defense especially after watching their defensive pillow fight last week, but can Sparty do it on defense? Michigan State has always dropped a head-scratcher every year but it’s usually not to a big-name school like Notre Dame. The big matchup between Iowa and Arizona is a tossup and one that I will miss due to premature passing out from too much daytime celebration (read: drinking). I’ll simply take Iowa by default because they seem to have a knack of pulling games like this out of their collective asses.

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