September 25, 2010

Lou Eliades Tears ACL, Replaced By Turnstile.

Your 2010 Penn State offensive line
 Per Bob Flounders at PennLive*...
Starting senior right tackle Lou Eliades suffered a serious, possibly season-ending, injury in PSU's 22-13 win over Temple Saturday at Beaver Stadium.

Lions head coach Joe Paterno acknowledged Eliades likely tore the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee on a play early in the third quarter. He was replaced by Chima Okoli.

“I'm almost sure he's got a torn ACL,'' Paterno said afterward, adding, Eliades is “probably out for the year.''
The offensive line was already having issues before this tragedy. I lost count just how many times I pounded my fist on the bar table today when PSU only had to pick up a yard or two in third down situations and got manhandled by Temple's defensive line. Spare me the talk about how this is Temple's best squad since the Iran Hostage Crisis, there is no fucking reason why Penn State's offensive line with its much higher-caliber recruits should be getting pushed around by Temple's defensive line like that. None. I am now taking bets on just how many of our linemen are going to join ex-punter Jeremy Boone in getting swallowed by Iowa's Adrian Clayborn next week.

* Yeah, I can't believe I linked to PennLive, myself. 

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