September 21, 2010

Shawney Kersey missing from practice, could be leaving for good

Shawney Kersey touchdown (2)
Uh oh... is Kersey actually leaving this time?
Bob Flounders is reporting* today that receiver Shawney Kersey hasn't shown up to practice this week.
The Patriot-News has learned the Penn State football program may be on the verge of losing one its most talented young wide receivers.

Two sources close to the program said redshirt freshman Shawney Kersey, upset over a lack of playing time, did not show up for practice Monday. One source told The Patriot-News that Kersey did not practice today, either.
I swear we've heard this rumor for about a year now, but does that mean he's transferring/leaving for real this time? If he just plain hasn't shown up to practice, that's usually an indicator something's wrong. We had been hearing that he's unhappy at Penn State, almost since arriving last year. Kersey redshirted last season.

I could understand why he'd be unhappy last year, but leaving the program now would be a rather curious decision by Kersey. Penn State has some great wide receivers ahead of him on the depth chart--Derek Moye, Graham Zug, Devon Smith, Brett Brackett, Justin Brown. However, three of those players (Zug, Moye, Brackett) will all have moved on by the end of next season. That would leave Kersey two full seasons to have the starting job all to himself.

Flounders ended his story with "stay tuned..." No other way to really put it.

*By the way... hellz yeah I got the same shot of Kersey's touchdown that Joe Hermitt got!

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  1. Moye is a junior,

  2. I know that, which is why I said "by the end of next season..." If Moye is a junior this season, and next season he's a senior, then by the end of next season, he will have moved on... correct?