October 13, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 7 Final Ballot and Top 25

Updated 1:15 p.m. w/Top 25 link

We appologize for not posting a draft ballot this week. "Motivated" wouldn't exactly be a word to describe the mood around here, or anywhere there are Penn State football fans.

Here is our week 7 ballot (assembled by Nick, posted by me), with the full BlogPoll top 25 below that. There were some big single-team movements this week, like Alabama, Florida and Arizona all falling at least eight spots. The top 10 is still mostly rock solid, and should remain so until some more of those teams play each other as the year goes on.

Our ballot:
Full week 7 top 25:

Didn't feel like manually pulling the code, which isn't available yet. But here's Brian's writeup over at SBN.

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