October 13, 2010

Injuries could force Chaz Powell back to defense

The injury situation has gotten so bad, Penn State actually released a full injury report yesterday (unusual outside of weekly game notes) to members of the media, including us deadbeat bloggers. Here's the official lowdown:
An injured Jack Crawford could only watch from the sidelines
Defensive end Jack Crawford
didn't start Saturday against Illinois
due to a foot injury. (Photo: Mike/LBU)
Out for season:

T Lou Eliades (knee)
TE Garry Gilliam (knee)
Safety Nick Sukay (pectoral)

Out for minimum of two weeks:

WR Curtis Drake (leg)
DE Eric Latimore (wrist)
TE Andrew Szczerba (back)

Possible for Minnesota game:

DE Jack Crawford (foot)
Safety Andrew Dailey (stinger)
LB Bani Gbadyu (calf)
DT Jordan Hill (ankle)
LB Gerald Hodges (leg)
LB Michael Mauti (ankle)
Honestly, that's not as bad as I expected. Of course, "probable" would be much more comforting than "possible," but this isn't the NFL here, so these are very loose terms we're dealing with here.

Getting back Crawford, Dailey, Hill, and especially Mauti and Hodges by the Minnesota game would be huge for the defense. Plenty of fans have been getting on Gbadyu's case about his performance this season, but right now, any depth is good depth. So let's hope all of those "possible" returnees make it back.

Chaz Powell (5)
Yet another move for Chaz Powell? (Photo: Mike/LBU)
Frank Bodani's recent post at the York Dispatch suggests Chaz Powell will move back (again) to the defensive backfield, now that the unit has lost several prominent players. (HT:BSD)
"I don't really know what's going on. I'm out there just trying to make plays and establish myself and showcase what I can do," Powell said. "I'm moving back and forth right now and I'm going to go over (to defense) and play my heart out."
Bodani also correctly suggests that cornerback D'Anton Lynn would shift into his more natural role as a free safety. Lynn was recruited as a safety out of high school, making this switch completely plausible, if not very smart.

In the "two weeks" category, if Curtis Drake is in fact able to come back in that time, don't be surprised to see him play. With Powell supposedly filling in on defense, that could be leading the way for Drake's return on offense. I'm also surprised Latimore is going to be out that long. Something must be broken, because a sprain or even a dislocation would be ready by the Minnesota game.

Have you ever been so relieved to have a bye week?

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