October 27, 2010

BlogPoll 2010: Week 9 Final Ballot and Top 25

Thanks to Mike for posting my draft ballot, as I've been under the weather.

A few notes: Michigan St. moves up maybe a bit prematurely, but will solidify their spot with a win at Iowa. Meanwhile, Mizzou and Bama are one game away from leapfrogging TCU and Boise St. in the rankings if they dispense of Nebraska and LSU in their next games respectively, however, the Horned Frogs may hold with a victory against Utah in two weeks. Unfortunately, Nebraska dropped a spot for knocking off an undefeated team, because I painted myself into a corner with Mizzou and Oklahoma ahead of them and another ugly loss by Texas following their upset of the Huskers last week (I know Texas' defense is pretty much ideally assembled to thwart Nebraska's offense, but Iowa St.? At home?! Come on!). The other risers and falls are pretty self-explanatory, oh yeah and Illinois pops in at 25 for their only three losses being to Top-10 squads, this is the time of season where those last few spots start getting really tough to fill in.

This week's top 10:

Week 9 Top 10

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 Oregon Ducks (69) 24.97 3.31 --
2 Auburn Tigers (27) 24.20 3.15 Arrow_up 2
3 Boise St. Broncos (9) 22.85 2.38 Arrow_down -1
4 TCU Horned Frogs 22.13 2.58 Arrow_up 1
5 Michigan St. Spartans 20.95 2.23 Arrow_up 1
6 Missouri Tigers (1) 20.24 1.03 Arrow_up 8
7 Alabama Crimson Tide 19.02 1.64 Arrow_up 1
8 Wisconsin Badgers 17.41 1.20 Arrow_up 2
9 Utah Utes 17.28 3.00 --
10 Oklahoma Sooners 15.37 0.59 Arrow_down -7
Updated: Oct 27, 2010 10:51 AM EDT
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Our Ballot:

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