October 26, 2010

Joe Paterno Press Conference Recap:
Michigan Week

Here's what you need to know from today's press conference with Joe Paterno.
  • Rob Bolden may play, he may not. Joe's no doctor, but if he had to guess by what he's seen/told so far, Bolden probably won't play against Michigan. Still, that was a very conditional statement from Joe. Later in the presser, Joe sounded very concerned that Bolden might not play. Bolden has had a very good year, "all things considered," like injuries at other key positions.
  • Mike McQueary didn't exactly come across as caring (ed.-my take) when Bolden first came to the sidelines after the big hit. But Joe must not have seen exactly what went on right there, or remembered it slightly different. Because Joe thinks McQueary was trying to convince Bolden to sit down. McQueary was clearly seen pushing/shoving Bolden back ONTO the field.
  • Matt McGloin did a good job in place of Bolden. McGloin didn't have a lot of preparation before the game, considering he was thrown in as the first team quarterback. 
  • Silas Redd and Stephfon Green are essentially tied for the second string tailback position. Joe didn't want to grade them against each other or say if one was ahead of the other. He likes what both bring to the game.
  • Kevin Newsome will go full strength this week, after dealing with a knee injury and illness last week. 

  • Chaz Powell "loses his concentration" every once in a while. Joe likes Powell's ability on the field, but has to hone it in better. Powell could see more time this week, but that's contingent on how his practice week goes. 
  • Of course it's concerning that Penn State has given up 830 yards over the last two games.
  • It's going to be 60-minute effort by this football team if it intends to beat Michigan. The Wolverines were able to play tough both Iowa and Michigan State, but made just enough mistakes to put the games out of reach in the end. Penn State does not have the luxury of playing hard for just one half, be it the first or second half. Penn State will need to go out and win this game, not wait for Michigan to lose it. Joe was asked about how the run game had success in the second half at Minnesota, and whether it was important to get the run game going earlier this week.
  • If Penn State can't get excited and enthused about playing Michigan at night, then they're all in the wrong business, and the kids went to the wrong school. Michigan was down for a while, but they're not a team to overlook now. Rich Rodriguez has the kind of football team (offensively) that he needs to win games. 
  • The Big Ten has some of the best quarterbacks in the nation, even if all of them don't get the recognition they deserve. Joe spoke specifically about Terrelle Pryor, Adam Weber, and expanded more on Denard Robinson, since he's up this week. 
  • Sorry, but we're not making a big deal out of this:
  • Q. Evan Royster is on the verge of becoming the all time leading rusher. Could you talk about his career and what he's meant to the program? COACH PATERNO: I think he's done a good job.
    What did you expect him to say? Excuse Joe for not going on a half-hour rant about how special and amazing Royster has been for Penn State. If you really knew Joe, you'd know he doesn't do that.
  • Freshman DaQuan Jones and sophomore Jordan Hill, who have been inserted frequently along the defensive line, are doing a fine job. Again, this is an "all things considered" kind of answer from Joe.
  • Curtis Drake and Andrew Szczerba will both redshirt this season.
Full transcript, via GoPSUsports.com

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  1. honestly....my dad made a good point to me....Bolden HAD to go down on the field...to give us time to let a qb make a few throws on the sideline. If he just comes off we have to put somebody back in right away.....its at least a thought.

  2. McQueary did the right thing by Bolden and the team. By telling him to go sit down on the field and let the doctors check him out, it saved PSU from wasting a timeout in order to get a backup warmed up and an appropriate play called for the situation. It was a very heads-up move by Mike.

  3. didn't Szczerba already take a non-injury related redshirt?