October 18, 2010

Sean Stanley charged with Possession (updated 2x)

Sean Stanley Warmups (2)
Sean Stanley was charged with
pot possession on Monday.
(Photo: Mike/LBU)
Defensive end Sean Stanley has been reportedly charged with marijuana possession. Per the Pittsburgh Trib:
...according to a university spokesman. Stanley was arrested for the drug charge Sept. 27, according to a report filed with a District Justice Carmine W. Prestia Jr. in State College.

A hearing has been set for Nov. 17.
Update: The Daily Collegian has a bit more:
Police seized various items from the 3101A Nittany Apartments residence. Inventory collected included a marijuana blunt, a marijuana roach, at least two dime bags and an empty can of Four Loko malt beverage, among other items seized, according to the search warrant.
Stanley has missed the last two games for undisclosed "team violations," which could have meant anything... until now. The actual surprising thing to be here is how Penn State kept this thing hush-hush for two weeks. Usually, when criminal stuff is involved, the press is on top of it.

One thing that doesn't jive with this is that this same weekend, there was a report out by Phil Grosz ($) [Update 2: MCall.com reported it here for free.] that Stanley was back practicing with the team. If that was based in fact, then how serious is this possession charge to begin with? Have things been worked out internally? I totally agree that no player should be punished before convicted, but to hear about him being back on the team right now is just a bit odd.

Keep in mind that none of this has anything to do with cornerback Derrick Thomas, who was conspicuously removed from the team at the same time as Stanley. There has been no indication anywhere that Thomas is involved with Stanley's possession charge, as his problem has apparently been academics.

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  1. Stanley is our best performing DE. If he is on pot, then we need to get two big bongs for Crawford and Lattimore and maybe they will play better.

  2. Stanley's on Pot10/19/2010 11:32 PM

    P.S... I think Stanley needs some pot in the above picture- He looks like his dog just died.

  3. Joe sold Stanley pot10/19/2010 11:41 PM

    Stanley is so high in the above picture he is eating his mouthpiece because he has the munchies and he thinks it is a hot dog.

  4. Galen Hall grows shrooms10/19/2010 11:47 PM

    By the looks of that picture, Stanley was smoking pot on the field.

  5. Come on guys enough with the marijuana jokes... that's the pot calling the kettle black. *zing*