October 1, 2010

Thomas, Stanley, and Ware stay home for Iowa trip

Sean Stanley goes to bat down a pass
Sean Stanley (90) will miss the Iowa game
along with Derrick Thomas and Brandon Ware.
No reason was given to Ron Musselman by sources.
Three very important depth players on defense were left home today, as the Nittany Lions make their way westward to Iowa. Ron Musselman wrote on Twitter tonight that second-team/nickel cornerback Derrick Thomas, second-team defensive end Sean Stanley, and third-team defensive tackle Brandon Ware all did not make the trip. Musselman added that no reason was given for why those three players weren't allowed to join the team this weekend.

Needless to say, this is a big deal, particularly with Thomas and Stanley. Both players were seeing significant time in the defensive rotation. Ware hasn't really played, but is a quality depth player with big talent (he just hasn't utilized it yet). Thomas was one of only three cornerbacks that have been main guys this season on the outside, playing very well in the first four games. Stanley didn't have a great day against Temple, but he's been very good in his year and four games at Penn State. Both those players will be sorely missed tomorrow night.

Of course, this will change things drastically when I release this week's LBU depth chart, due out in about an hour.

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