November 24, 2010

10 Minutes Or Less: 1994 Penn State vs. Michigan State

Okay, so this is my first individual post in what seems like forever. Unfortunately, I still have another week of classes left but come December, I will have an exponential increase in free time for blogging. The timing couldn't be any more perfect either, given the Fighting DeChellises unprecedented 4-0 start to the hoops season.

I digress, however. Today, we're doing our season finale of 10 Minutes Or Less in the best way imaginable with another 1994-style beatdown. If you pay close enough attention, you'll recognize NFL receiving stud Derrick Mason tearing it up for Michigan State via a touchdown catch to give Sparty the early 7-0 lead and a 100-yard kickoff return that tied the game at 14. Alas, Mason's first quarter heroics could only delay the inevitable onslaught courtesy of the juggernaut Penn State offense which was led by Heisman candidate Ki-Jana Carter and his handful (literally, five) of touchdowns on the day. This was then followed by 96,000 freezing Penn State fans proclaiming "We're number one!" during the game's final minutes, realizing that those responsible for voting in the AP and Coaches polls were going to continue with their Tom Osborne pity party and keep Nebraska at #1. It also secured Joe Paterno's last undefeated regular season and PSU's first Rose Bowl trip in 72 years. Need I say more? Yeah, that's what I thought, now watch:

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