November 9, 2010

Joe Paterno Press Conference Recap:
Ohio State Week

Joe Paterno pregame [5]
It was a relatively short presser this week for Joe Paterno, heading into the tempest at Ohio State. The Nittany Lions are at a bit of a crossroads for the season. While there isn't much to lose going into Columbus, Penn State still wants this win, badly. Does Joe? And what about the starting quarterback issue? And that kid, what's his name, Pryor is it?

Yeah. That and more in this week's presser wrap.
  • Ohio State is a big rival. Geography, recruiting, scheduling, all comes into play. But this year has been disappointing in the scheduling, because both Michigan and Ohio State got/gets to play Penn State following a bye week. 
  • Rob Bolden was all set to come back in to start the second half. But then Matt McGloin got "a hot hand," and kept the job for the night.
  • The current quarterback "problem" is a good one to have, with four very talented, young players vying for that position. Kevin Newsome still has a way to go in terms of the mental aspect of the game. But his physical abilities are unquestionable.
  • The leadership gap that was evident early in the season isn't closed yet, but it's getting better. Last week's comeback was big for a young team, to prove they can stick together and win a tough game. But playing Ohio State is a different monster.
  •  Players have been making big plays the last few weeks. It's as simple as that as to why the team is winning again. Handling Terrelle Pryor this week will take players making big plays, nothing less.
  • Sacks were a big part of putting the game away last week. And that comes back to players making big plays at big moments. Penn State has been stressing quarterback pressure and forcing turnovers.
  • McGloin has benefited a bit from an improved O-line, better running from the backs, and better consistency from the wide receivers. Had those units been this good a few weeks ago, Penn State would have at least been in the thick of things at Iowa (Joe specifically pointed to the Iowa game). 
  • The screen passes have been working better lately because the whole offense is better. The team is more mature than Illinois game and before. 
  • LB Khairi Fortt is one of the best athletes playing linebacker, but has been banged up. He could be 100 percent by this week, but the injuries have hurt his progress this year.
  • Losing Jack Crawford--though Crawford did play about 20 plays last week--and Eric Latimore has been a big blow to the defense recently. Crawford should go this week, but Latimore will probably miss the remainder of the season. 
  • The Linebackers as a group are improved, specifically speaking about Michael Mauti. But they did still give up 100 yards to Dan Persa last week, and Terrelle Pryor is on another level. 
  • Pryor is a good player. Penn State wanted to get him; tried everything to get him. 
  • Ohio State is a team you have to prepare for up and down. You can't just focus on one aspect of the game with them. Last week, Penn State tried to stop Persa throwing first, but ended up giving up a ton of rushing yards. 
  • No comment really on the McGloin/Herbstreit exchange this week. Joe likes Herbie. But McGloin has handled the spotlight well.
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  1. This team, it is coached by Joe Pa,
    Though older, he is still not Slow Pa,
    All over State College,
    It is common knowledge,
    That tears will flow when there's No Pa.