December 28, 2010

Big Ten Bloggers Pick’em: Bowl Games

Cramming in our finished assignment 5 minutes before it's due? Feels like college again!

Here are our bowl picks, right on time for tonight's Insight Bowl.

With all the holiday stuff going on, we are down to just two pickers this time around. But despair not, for we've employed a special guest--a genuine 1992 Nickel.

DateBowl GameTime, TVCoinTimMikeLB-U
Tue 12/28 Insight
Iowa vs Missouri
10 pm, ESPN
Illinois vs Baylor
6 pm, ESPN
N'western vs Texas Tech
Captial One
Michigan St. vs Alabama
1 pm ESPN
Michigan vs Miss. St.
1:30 pm ESPN2
Wisconsin vs TCU
4:30, ESPN
Ohio St. vs Arkansas
8 pm ESPN


Mike - It's the end of the season, so I'll go all-out Big Ten homer for the bowl picks. Missouri shouldn't have too much trouble with an Iowa team that took a massive nose dive off the field to end the season. And remember, the Hawks lost to Minnesota. Baylor is a nice story, and though the Illini choked at Fresno, the Bears' defense may not have enough to stop Mikel Leshoure. If Illinois doesn't turn it over, this should be relatively easy. Northwestern could have won this game against Texas Tech, but without Dan Persa, I can't see it happening. Michigan State hasn't faced a team as ferocious as Alabama this season. The Tide could torch the MSU defense. Like Baylor, Mississippi State is a nice story this year, but Michigan's offense should be able to run up enough points to pull this one out over the Bulldogs. Of course, the Wolves' defense could make the MSU offense look like Oregon. Wisconsin is one of most underrated teams in college football, especially along the front lines. The offensive line is absolutely dominant, making the backs even more so. TCU is a great team, but it's a different monster going up against a team like the Badgers. With guys like Terrelle Pryor and Boom Herron playing this bowl game--unlike the first five games next season--the Buckeyes are a great match for Arkansas. The Hogs should be able to run up points on OSU, but probably not enough. This one comes down to whether Pryor shows up.

Tim - Mizzou and Texas Tech were the picks I had to think very little about. Both Iowa and Northwestern are missing critical pieces to their offensive puzzles, particularly the Hawkeyes with their recent string of drug and behavioral issues depleting most of its scoring threats. Dan Persa's freak ACL injury is going to bite Northwestern in the ass once again, even though Evan Watkins has had a full month of practice to get more accustomed to his unlikely starter role. All I hear about with regards to the Illinois-Baylor game is "Robert Griffin this, Robert Griffin, that." It's as if nobody is giving the Illini a chance. I guess everyone's in for a rude awakening when Mikel LeShoure introduces himself to the viewing audience against Baylor's weak defense. Michigan will no doubt, get their share of points but their defense will once again make Mississippi State look like Florida circa the Tim Tebow era so I'll give the Bulldogs the edge in the Gator Bowl. Sparty's upset hopes depend on how motivated of an Alabama team shows up to the Capital One Bowl. I'm betting that Saban has the Crimson Tide fired up enough to beat up on his disciple Mark Dantonio. TCU's defense will face its stiffest challenge yet against the Badgers' powerful rushing attack. I think they can contain them to some degree, but it won't be enough, give me Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. I'm also liking the Buckeyes to take home the Sugar Bowl trophy, thanks to the NCAA's stupidity in dealing with their latest scandal. I see Pryor and Company putting the distractions of the looming suspensions behind them for three hours and winning a shootout against Arkansas.

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  1. FYI, I picked Mississippi State, not Michigan to win the Gator Bowl.

  2. Good thing that wasn't last night's game. Fixed.

    And how about Iowa!? I mean, seriously.