December 7, 2010

Pitt fires Dave Wannstedt... mostly

Honestly, didn't see this one coming. Pittsburgh apparently fired head coach Dave Wannstedt today, though the official Pitt site has it as a "resignation." But will he actually leave the university? Uh, believe it or not, no...
He will remain at Pitt in the capacity of special assistant to the athletic director.

"The past six years have been among the most gratifying of my entire career," said Wannstedt, a 1974 graduate of Pitt and former standout offensive tackle for the Panthers. "To be the head coach at my university was the realization of a lifelong dream. It has been an honor and privilege to serve Pitt and its football program.
Sounds like they just pulled a new position out of thin air. At least Penn State gave Fran Ganter a real job after he was pushed out of the coaching staff.

This story is far from over, just like the supposedly dead rivalry.

While we're on coaching changes...

(Photo: Indiana U.)

Indiana found a replacement for the fired Bill Lynch--Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson. The Hoosiers aren't messing around, either. A ton of stock is being funneled into Wilson, as IU signed him to a 7-year deal.
Last night, Glass and Wilson agreed to terms on a seven-year deal that will pay Wilson $1.2 million per year.

"I am thrilled that Kevin Wilson will lead our football program," [IU athletic director Fred] Glass said. "He is committed to compliance, academics, character and winning. He has helped lead successful programs at Miami (Ohio), Northwestern and Oklahoma. I believe his leadership, vision, confidence, teaching, commitment, discipline and toughness herald a terrific new era for Indiana football."
After years of terrible defenses costing this program bowl appearances, you'd think they would have gone to a candidate that wasn't just another offensive guru. But hey, if this works, who could complain?

Penn State travels to face Indiana, Oct. 1, in the 2011 Big Ten opener.

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