January 13, 2011

UConn Hires Penn State Alum Paul Pasqualoni

Paul Pasqualoni (left) is returning to the
Big East as a head coach. (Photo: Syracuse.com)
UConn hired former Syracuse head coach Paul Pasqualoni today to lead the Huskies.

Two reasons why I'm using a post for this news.

1. I posted earlier this week that Mark Whipple was probably getting the UConn head coaching job. Turns out almost everything I read this week on the UConn coaching search was wrong or the reporters were more than slightly off-track. So, to correct our record here, I should devote the same amount of time now to set things straight.

2. Paul Pasqualoni is a Nittany Lion. He joined the football team in 1968 as a walk-on lineman and later lettered. I'm sure a few of you out there knew that. But I would venture to bet (if I bet) that most of you didn't. So there, your Penn State history lesson for today.

So there you have it. UConn did end up hiring a son of Penn State. It just wasn't the son anyone had anticipated.

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