January 14, 2011

Ishaq Williams to Notre Dame: When 'the next Joe Paterno' is better than the REAL Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno heads to the locker room
You know what's better than "the next Joe Paterno"?
Hey Ishaq Williams' dad, you know Joe Paterno is NOT dead, right?

Just wait until this gets more attention than it is right now. But I just read the news on Ishaq Williams commiting to Notre Dame today.

Yeah, it sucks that Penn State just missed out on a great recruit from JoePa's home borough of Brooklyn. But this is how it goes in recruiting, so I'm not at all mad that Williams chose Notre Dame over Penn State. The Irish have a good coach and should be rising soon again. There is a lot to like about Notre Dame.

But this is not exactly a flattering quote, considering Penn State was in Williams' top three right to the end (emphasis mine):

"Everything else at Notre Dame just added up," Williams' father, Shaun, told Irish Illustrated. "It's really just what he was looking for. He really admires coach Diaco and really admires coach (Brian) Kelly. Coach Kelly is a proven winner and might just prove to be the next Joe Paterno, if he wants to coach that long."
Is this what the last 12 months has given Penn State? Is it now common wisdom that Joe Paterno is as good as dead to the recruiting world?

I get what the father meant by that. It's actually flattering to see recruits and their folks looking for Joe Paterno's qualities in a head coach. That is, it would be flattering if that recruit didn't just turn down the actual Joseph Vincent Paterno!

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