February 15, 2011

Just another million for Penn State hockey

Paul and Nancy Silvis of State College pledged $1 million to building the Penn State Division I hockey program. Normally, a million-dollar contribution to a college sports team would be very big news. Well, normally, that million-dollar donation doesn't come on the heels of a near-100-million-dollar donation.

Mo' money comin' up:
The main lobby of the Pegula Ice Arena will be named after the Paul and Nancy Silvis family. The couple will also co-chair the Penn State Ice Campaign Committee, which will help to raise an additional $10 million to complement the gift from the Pegulas for the ice arena and ice hockey program endowments.
Can't say much else, particularly since any personal feelings on this matter teeter too close to bringing politics and such into sports, which I vehemently oppose doing. So, we should just enjoy that PSU hockey is getting some more love.

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