February 15, 2011

Wrestling Wreport: Weekend Wrap-up

Penn State beat #20 Illinois 23-13 Friday night and then battled back to salvage a tie (18-18) against #5 Minnesota on Sunday. The Minnesota dual saw the return of Brad Pataky as the 125 pounder saw his first action in weeks. Results and thoughts after the break.

WeightWinnerLoserBout ScoreTeam Score
285Cameron WadePSUPat WalkerILL5-03-0
125Nathan MorganPSULogan ArlisILL6-56-0
133Andrew LongPSUB.J. FutrellILL9-69-0
141Jimmy KennedyILLAndrew AltonPSU5-39-3
149Frank MolinaroPSUEric TerrazasILL5-012-3
157David TaylorPSUJackson MorseILL26-10 (TF; 6:21)17-3
165Conrad PolzILLNick FischerPSU10-517-6
174Ed RuthPSUBen FriedlILLWBF (4:56)23-6
184Tony DellagoILLQuentin WrightPSU8-723-9
197Joe BarczakILLNick RuggearPSU15-623-13

WeightWinnerLoserBout ScoreTeam Score
125Zach SandersMNBrad PatakyPSU10-80-3
133Andrew LongPSUDavid ThornMN14-44-3
141Mike ThornMNAndrew AltonPSU1-44-6
149Frank MolinaroPSUDanny ZilverbergMN6-57-6
157David TaylorPSUMatt MinceyMN16-1 (TF; 6:15)12-6
165Cody YohnMNJake KemererPSU8-012-10
174Ed RuthPSUScott GlasserMN12-515-10
184Kevin SteinhausMNQuentin WrightPSU10-115-14
197Sonny YohnPSUNick RuggearMN10-215-18
285Cameron WadeMNTony NelsonPSU2-018-18

The first thing that jumps out at you is the two losses by Quentin Wright. Dellago was unranked and Steinhaus was ranked lower the Quentin and in a bout that ends in a tie every match counts and Wright got majored. Of course the message boards are all aflutter over this as one would expect from their ilk. I have no answers and cannot find anything on the intertubes that points to any problems. Wright no longer gets his shoulder taped up so the injury must be completely healed. Is it a mental problem? Is he cutting too much weight? One thing is for sure, he doesn't have the snap or the energy he wrestled with as a true freshman. Quentin is a very valuable member of the team and an important cog if they want a chance at winning a national championship. Whatever the problem is it needs to be worked out fast because there is only one dual left.

It was a tough weekend for Andrew Alton who lost to two top-five wrestlers by a combined 5 points. Andrew is so close to moving up to that top tier but he's just not there yet. For a true freshman he's had an amazing season, hopefully he'll take the next step come tournament time. I know a boxer from my hometown that won a gold glove boxing like Andrew wrestles. He would come out and throw as many fast and furious combinations at his opponents hoping to either knock them out quickly or have them throw in the towel. Andrew kind of has a similar wrestling style, he comes out in the first minute and throws everything at his opponent hoping to get the pin. The good wrestlers have stayed away from that and beat him later in the match, Thorn got the winning takedown with 18 seconds in the third. I'm not being critical of his style, it's just an observation. If it works, who am I to argue.

Of course the return of Pataky was a welcomed sight, I had no idea he was ready to go. His leg is heavily bandaged which limits some of his mobility but he wrestled well. Considering he returned to take on 5th ranked Zach Sanders of Minnesota and lost by only two points, it seems he's going to be ok. I'm sure he's not please with the result but he didn't run out of gas in the 3rd and he was a takedown away from tying it. It didn't help that he got a penalty point on a third caution on the restart late in the 3rd. If that had not happened he may have been able to ride Sanders out and go to overtime.
DT is so awesome it does seem like he has four feet

Ed Ruth, Andrew Long, and David Taylor all had good weekends and like I've said before, look like they are tournament ready. Ruth destroyed 12th ranked Scott Glasser of Minnesota 12-5 and pinned Ben Friedl of Illinois. DT did what DT does, totally dominate overwhelmed opponents getting two more tech falls this weekend. Taylor is going to buzz saw through the Big Ten's.

Next Up

It doesn't get any easier for Penn State as they take on #12 Wisconsin, Friday, Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. It will be the last dual of the season and senior night.

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