March 30, 2011

Four Penn State athletes charged for State Patty's Day incident

Okay, so it's about as bad as we thought. (Photo:
Turns out it was far from just a "coincidence," that a few of the young lads in this security camera still shot looked like a certain few Penn State athletes. Per the AP (via
State College police Lt. Keith Robb said Wednesday they were among seven suspects charged with the summary offense following the Feb. 26 fight that left one person with minor injuries.

Police identified four of those charged as Curtis Drake and Derrick Thomas, both 20; and Tre Bowman and Taran Buie, both 19. Drake and Thomas play football, while Bowman plays basketball.
The only halfway decent side of this, as Jeff (yes, his J.D. counts even though it's from Pitt) pointed out to us, is that generally speaking, "a speeding ticket is worse" than what these guys have been charged with--summary offenses.

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  1. I got a ticket two months ago driving to THE HOSPITAL that was for "Driving Unsafely Given Conditions" - cost me more than $250 and earned me two points.

  2. Maybe they can consult Tressel for advice on how to side-step this minor bit of trouble....

  3. Derrick Thomas is hopping around on thin ice right now.