March 31, 2011

Linkbacker U. Is Seeking "Teach Me How To Bucky" Reparations

PHOTO: Terry Gilliam/AP
Sweet mercy what a run it's been over the past couple of weeks. I'm tempted to do a Sports Illustrated-themed "Who's Hot, Who's Not" right now, but it seems like everyone is "Not." Ohio State, the Fiesta Bowl, Pete Massaro, and even Charlie Sheen are down at the moment; hopefully only our boy Pete makes it back to the top.

Rather than try to summarize everything that has happened, here are some other news clips that include some of the above mentioned folks, but also feature in-house fighting in Wisconsin and Joe Paterno calling Andrew Quarless out. To enjoy!

In Continuing Crappy University Dance Videos news. A Wisconsin student was brutally attacked last Friday by at least two suspects, and the impetus of the fight was most likely the revenue stream of yet another horribly made school fight song/video montage.

In The Fiesta Bowl Goes To The Strip Club news. By now you've certainly heard of, seen headlines for, or avoided coverage about the Fiesta Bowl and its Madoff-like CEO John Junker. If you somehow haven't, here's your timeline, which includes a $1,200 trip to a Phoenix strip club paid for by the Fiesta Bowl.

In Sweet Jesus Don't Make This Happen news. Former Michigan coach and destroyer of dreams Rich Rodriguez took in an Oklahoma practice last week dressed in an Oklahoma polo. Upon publication of the photo, the risk for heart attacks in Norman went up 600%.

In I Couldn't Have Planned This Any Better news. Friend of the program Ben from Victory Bell Rings stumbled into quite possibly the most ironic and highly entertaining game of Words With Friends ever captured. Well played, Ben. Literally and, of course, figuratively.

In Rick Neuheisal Urban Meyer news. Bucknuts, formerly of ESPN and now of the increasingly awesome, had a thread this week that closely resembled a great internet story of Penn State past. When you start like this, you've got my attention:
Well, a friend of mine has a friend who is a real estate agent, and according to this friend, Meyer did in fact buy a house in Muirfield [Ohio].

In Awesome Women Playing Awesomely With Balls news. Penn State softballers Cassidy Bell, a sophomore outfielder from Bakersfield, CA and Lisa Akamine, a junior pitcher from Escondido, CA, took home weekly Big Ten honors for their recent play.

In This Guy Is Way Smarter Than All Of Us Combined news. The second episode of the Big Ten Network’s Path to the Pros will debut at 8:30 p.m. today, and will feature Penn State All-American Stefen Wisniewski (Bridgeville), as he prepares for the NFL Draft.

In Joe Paterno Calling Andew Quarless A Wuss Is Pretty Funny news. We'll leave you with this gem from Joe, as told by Brett Brackett.
"Coach Paterno refused to let [Quarless] help him up," Brackett said of the 2006 collision. "As he got up, he was saying to Coach [Bill] Kenney, who is the tight ends coach, that we need to recruit some tougher tight ends, because if that's the hardest we've got then we've got to find somebody better. That's probably one of my fondest memories with Coach."

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