March 15, 2011

Joe Lunardi Likes Penn State...As a One-And-Done

I realize Joe Lunardi does not own a monopoly on the title of 'bracketologist', which is a moniker more fitting for a Daily Show correspondent as opposed to an ESPN writer, but we figured you may be interested to hear what his thoughts are on the Fighting DeChellises' chances of winning a game or two in the NCAA Tournament. According to Lunardi, Temple's "smothering defense" and PSU having tired legs from playing four straight days in the Big Ten Tournament will be a lethal combination, sinking PSU's dreams of avoiding "one-and-done" status.

It's hard to have any qualms with Lunardi's observations, though I can't help but get the feeling he's slightly overlooking the newfound scoring ability of Tim Frazier and for DJ Jackson and Jeff Brooks to step up and carry some of the load off Talor Battle's shoulders as well. Not to mention the fact that Temple's key starter Scootie Randall will be seeing his first dose of game action since fracturing his foot a month ago, presuming that he actually does play. In essence, we might see a full-strength PSU take on a 3/4-strength Temple squad, and given how full-strength PSU has fared against some of the tougher competition in the Big Ten, it's hard not to like PSU's chances a little more.

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  1. Lunardi's going on past results, which is kind of dumb in a sport with such high turnover from year to year. Temple supposedly whipped up on PSU in that pre-season scrimmage, but they've lost a few guys since then and PSU has definitely improved from their OOC days.

    It's a coin flip, really.

  2. I really like how most of these 'experts' make it sound as if all you need to do to beat Penn State is to contain Talor Battle. Somebody ask Wisconsin how that worked out for them last week.