March 16, 2011

Penn State moves Spring Practice start to Saturday

Matt McGloin Warmups
Red jerseys and fifth stringers? Gotta be spring football!
(Photo: LBU/Mike)
When was the last time you can remember Penn State spring football practice taking a back seat to any other sport in mid-March? This week, that's exactly what's going on. In fact, Penn State football is not only taking the back seat, it's riding bitch with four other major events crammed into the same week.

Because of the men's basketball team heading out to Tuscon for the NCAA first round game Thursday afternoon; the Lady Lions hosting their first round game on Saturday; the wrestling team vying for nationa titles this weekend; AND the Penn State pro-day workout set to start today, the athletic department and Joe Paterno (assuming he was in on the decision as he is with all major moves) will delay the start of spring football practice until Saturday. Spring ball was originally supposed to start today.

But why would they actually move spring practice to what could turn out to be the biggest day this week--Saturday? That's the odd part of this thing. Regardless, it shouldn't make much of an impact on the team or its schedule.

FYI on Spring Ball: (more to come the next few weeks... MUCH more) Per NCAA rules, the Lions are allowed 15 practice sessions during a 34-day period, including scrimmages and the spring game. Only 12 of those practices can include contact. Of those 12 contact sessions, eight can include tackling.

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1 comment:

  1. What a crazy weekend. If (when?) the Lions beat Temple, fans won't know what to do with do you keep four sports straight? Even if you figure that the first few football practices will be full of "meh", you still have to keep an eye on MBB, WBB, and wrestling. And don't sleep on MVB, with matches against Ball State and IPFW this weekend.


    Thursday - Saturday: Wrestling championships
    Friday night - MVB vs. Ball State
    Saturday morning - WBB vs. Dayton
    Saturday afternoon - MBB vs. SDSU
    Saturday night - MVB vs. IPFW
    Saturday - April 16 - FB practice

    Nittany Lion overload!