March 3, 2011

Such an appropriate way to begin March Madness

Let's just hope this is just a big ol' coincidence, via Ben at Victory Bell Rings:
State College police are looking into a simple-assault and criminal-mischief incident that happened at 6:05 p.m. Saturday at the Cedarbrook apartment building... Police released six images from the scene... Saturday was the fifth annual unsanctioned State Patty’s Day drinking holiday in State College.

Currently there is speculation that there are several Penn State athletes involved in this altercation including Taran Buie, Curtis Drake and Tre Bowman.
Stupid. Kids.

Ben posted more photos over on his write up. But as a football guy, I'm mostly concerned about Curtis Drake possibly being the one you can see in this photo. It sure does look like him, as do the other young men in the photos look like Bowman and Buie. However, they have not been charged or arraigned or anything as of this post. We should assume they have done nothing wrong. We should also keep our fingers crossed.

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