April 26, 2011

Linkbacker U. Cannot Keep Up With Columbus Goings On (Big Ten SPEEED Edition)

Nittany Nation Glows with Penn State Pride at The Whitehouse
Why a pic of a "White House" game? You'll see.
There are two ongoing stories so far this offseason that require an unbelievable amount of attention that keeping up with either, let alone both, is near impossible. We will cover neither in the Linkbackers, with the exception of linking the good Doctor here for the Fiesta Bowl drama (featuring Graham Spanier) and here for the Ohio State nonsense. Now that that's out of the way, on to the news.

In Projected Paycut News. Rookie payscales need to be implemented in the NFL, and they are currently one of the issues forcing an NFL lockout. The sides are reportedly far apart, but don't tell the 25 record-breaking college football players that will be in attendance for the 2011 NFL Draft on Thursday. Penn State's Stefan Wisniewski will not be one of them; Wisniewski is projected for the late-first thru late-second rounds.

In The Most Linked To Story In Midwestern College Football News. Rich Rodriguez makes for the most obvious ESPN headline. Ever.

In Easiest Awards Selections News. The Penn State men's volleyball team took home seven conference awards across six players. Four players were named to the EIVA's First Team, while two more earned Second Team honors. Joe Sunder was named EIVA Player of the Year. The men begin conference tournament play on Thursday, and, barring a major upset in the conference tournament, start NCAA tournament play next Thursday in University Park.

In Giger Doesn't Always Piss Us Off News. Here's a fun piece in the Altoona Mirror about Penn State walk on P.J. Byers, an active duty Navy diver.

In This Website's Namesake News. The Collegian got a hold of linebacker Gerald Hodges, who apparently really likes YouTube clips of the past great ones at Linebacker U. Also, he has a knack for man coverage, which is something even the very good past LB'ers had some trouble with.

In I Hope This Didn't Come From A Current Player News. A memorabilia dealer is auctioning off a 2008 Big Ten Championship Ring. Note how the player's name has been covered up.

In Around The Big Ten News That Doesn't Involve Ohio State News, Part One. Illinois wrapped spring ball. They look as meh as they did last year, but we all know how that turned out.

In Around The Big Ten News That Doesn't Involve Ohio State News, Part Two. Minnesota wrapped spring ball. Insert Jerry Kill joke here.

In Not That It Will Matter Without A Quarterback News. Alabama Game will be a full stadium White Out

In Minnesota Fats Would Be Proud News. Hat tips to Evan Royster (via Twitter) and Slow States, here is Larry Federoff, Penn State's long snapper, with the trick shot video to end all trick shot videos. Pay particular attention at marks 1:08, 2:30, and 3:15.

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