April 14, 2011

Linkbacker-U is rankin the linebackers

Tamba Hali (Photo: SI.com)
Here at Linebacker-U, we take our linebackers very seriously. Which is why when ESPN comes out ranking the top linebackers in the National Football League, that catches our attention.

Here's how they ranked

1. Patrick Willis, San Francisco 49ers
2. James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers
3. DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Cowboys
4. Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers
5. Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens
6. Jerod Mayo, New England Patriots
7. Brian Urlacher, Chicago Bears
8. LaMarr Woodley, Pittsburgh Steelers
9. Tamba Hali, Kansas City Chiefs
9. Jon Beason, Carolina Panthers

That's right. That's former Penn State sack machine Tamba Hali. Not mentioned in this list? Aaron "Worst Player in the NFL" Maybin. Hey, at least he got to get away from the ridiculous weather of State College and move to a warm weather city....nevermind Buffalo? Yeah his life sucks.

Speaking of Penn Staters in the NFL....

Evan Royster was inarguably one of the best Penn State running backs of all time. Where he ranks on that list? Anyone's guess. But like Aaron Maybin, it may not translate to the next level. Except Royster won't get that lucrative first payday like Aaron Maybin.

As always, take BleacherReport with a gallon of salt, but they don't seem to think he'll be drafted at all.
This is tough to accurately forecast, as there are at least 20 running backs that are ranked higher in a number of position rankings heading into the NFL draft. With seven rounds, though, the chances are pretty good that some team will take a flyer on Royster late on day two or on day three.

His overall athleticism is seen by many as worth a risk to use Royster as a project, because he will need to work on speed and instinct at the pro level. His flexibility as a blocker, though, is one of the more under-appreciated aspects of running backs, and Royster can prosper in that area.

Don't expect Royster to be a franchise-type running back, but look for him to play a backup role for a long time.
Fans Like Redd

Sticking with Royster, despite all his numbers, he somehow never was a fan favorite. Never had that WOW factor, and certainly wasn't flashy. Silas Redd on the other hand definitely turned heads last year. Fans were calling for him to replace Royster a year ago when #22 was struggling, and those same fans are hoping he gets that starting job this season.

Yeah, we already knew the BJC kinda sucks...

Stadium Journey did a review of the Penn State basketball experience in the Bryce Jordan Center. It wasn't pretty, though completely deserved by PSU:
There is not much, if anything, in the way of tradition or history at the BJC. There is no nice display of past players or anything in the arena, except hidden in the coaches office in the lower level, inaccessible to the general public. It certainly feels like basketball is an afterthought at Penn State and unless you are really interesting in seeing the opponent or the halftime entertainment, there is not much reason to attend a game.
Happy Tailgating

Let's be honest. Blue White weekend is a lot more than just the scrimmage that takes place inside of Beaver Stadium on Saturday afternoon. It's the start of warm weather in Happy Valley (or just more rain). More importantly, it's not just a warm-up for the players on the field. It's time for the fans to dust off their rust....from their grills. It's the start of tailgating season. StateCollege.com gives you a full tailgating guide of all the ins, outs, tips and tricks of what you need to be doing this weekend.

Got a cool tailgating tradition that they didn't talk about? Let us know.

Simply shocking...

Arizona State... really? No, REALLY?!

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  1. Hey guys. Just for the record, I wrote that profile on Bleacher Report. It really was just an updated version of something I had previously written on my site but for anyone who's been following me for a while now you'll see no change in my opinion.

    I don't view Royster as an NFL back and I am not sure he's going to be drafted based on my own knowledge and having spoken with a number of draft analysts and scouts over the past year and a half.

    I don't mind taking a beating if I'm wrong though so feel free to let me have it!