April 13, 2011

Penn State's 'New' Uniforms Are Official

Penn State announced on GoPSF.com and Youtube today the unveiling of the Nittany Lions' "new" football uniforms. The image in this post is from the info video on posted to Youtube. You can see the uniforms, as it was first announced a few weeks ago, will shed the gaudy white trim around the collar and sleeves. This is basically the uniforms Penn State wore in the 1970s. Also, and I'm not sure exactly yet, but the numbers look slightly larger, which is how they were up until the mid-1990s.

Of course, Joe Paterno had the final say. "We went to Coach Paterno and said, 'Coach, we really don't have to have that white trim on there anymore,'" Brad "Spider" Caldwell says in the video. "He's like, 'We don't need that anyway. So let's go back to the way we used to be.'"

Penn State will not wear these uniforms in the Blue-White Game this weekend.

I personally like it, though most of you voted against the changes in our poll when this was first discussed.

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