May 17, 2011

Brandon Ware to Transfer, PSU's Tweet Production Cut by Half

2010 Blue-White Game-11
Buh-bye Brandon, if only your football production
matched your Twitter production...
Oh my, Brandon Ware. The redshirt junior-to-be has been one of the best talents Penn State fans have never seen. It now looks like it will stay that way... unseen. Well, that is, unseen in a Penn State uniform.

Yes, you've likely heard the news first reported by Sean Fitz at Lions247 that Ware is on his way out the door.
Following the spring semester, Ware was deemed academically ineligible. Due to a new NCAA rule, he would have to sit out the entire 2011 season should he choose to remain at Penn State. Sources say he will likely seek a transfer with the aid of the Nittany Lions staff.
If it's true, and the staff is trying to find him a better home, I'm not sure this isn't he best situation possible for Ware.

Bob Flounders wrote today that Ware texted the Patriot News, that he would be "transferring for personal reasons. I don't know where yet, though." In the Flounders write-up, we're once again reminded of what could have been:
The 6-3 Ware, a member of the 2008 Pennsylvania Big 33 team, redshirted in 2008 and did not play much during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. He broke his right foot early in 2009 and was frequently criticized by head coach Joe Paterno for being overweight and for his academic approach.
Not much else is being floated out there right now. We all know Ware's story. Frankly, it became tiresome a long time ago. It's also difficult to keep feeling sorry for a kid that has gotten so many opportunities. He doesn't care what we think. He shouldn't care. But if simply studying hard enough to earn C's was too much for Ware, I'm not sure Penn State was the right place for him in the end.

He seems like a good kid, as do 99% of the players who have come through Happy Valley. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. Good luck to Brandon.

What's left behind

I wasn't going to get into this now, but the depth issues along the defensive line just got a smidge worse. Since Ware wasn't a big contributor--okay, okay, haha "big"--so far in his career, Penn State isn't losing proven production along the line. But with big time running games on the schedule this year, like Alabama, Nebraska, and Wisconsin, losing so much pure mass could be an issue early in the season.

This does leave open opportunities for some of the incoming true freshmen, as well as those from last year who redshirted 2010, to have time on the field right from opening day. But let's not worry about that just yet.

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