May 18, 2011

Linkbacker U. is Measuring for Drapes

For the past few days, mostly on Twitter, you've been seeing some not-so-cryptic Tweets from me about blogging platforms. The topic of WordPress has come up. And as you might imagine, there is going to be a change around here in the very near future. I would say keep your eyes peeled this weekend, but that would be giving away too much.

Oops! Darn, now the cat's out of the bag.

Anyway, there won't be any more details about what will happen. Not yet, at least. But I can promise you that LBU is movin' on up.

2010 Penn State vs Illinois-1
This man has little use for folks like us.
We don't blame him.
And now, the linkage...

Genaro Armas reported for the AP how Joe Paterno has little use for... um... anything nowadays. But especially when anything includes interacting with the media.

Matt Fortuna wrote this weekend that Pitt head coach Todd Graham would like to see the Penn State vs Pitt rivalry restored. You will hear more on this from LBU, I assure you.

The Patriot News's Sara Granim reported on Austin Scott's claim that the dismissed rape charges brought against him were part of a conspiracy. While the word "conspiracy" automatically makes anything sound like it came from someone wearing a tin-foil hat, read this article. There's nothing crazy about what's in it.

Kevin McGuire noted that 71% of Big Ten football fans prefer a 9-game playoff.

50-Yard Lion blogger Mike Justus offered up a little optimism (I like to call it 'sanity') about Penn State's "Under the Radar" label bestowed by the media already this year.

Lady Lions head coach Coquese Washington was selected for the 2011 BCA Women's Coach of the Year award.

ESPN announced the 2011 ACC/Big Ten Challenge lineup. Penn State will play Boston College.

Guy Cipriano at the CDT profiled wrestling legend Art Weiss, who died at the age of 102 this week.

Jenny Vrentas (glad to see her finally embrace the big Jersey hair now) profiled one of the all-time enemies of Penn State football: Alabama's Marty Lyons.

Slow States pointed us to the most important stats in football.

More Brandon Ware reactions from Nittany White Out, Victory Bell Rings, and Black Shoe Diaries.

What a moron.

Speaking of morons, how 'bout those Fiesta Bowl guys? In the Bleachers offered up both a synopsis and opinion on the latest Fiesta Bowl probation news. Also, they want their campaign donations back.

So it begins. Today Phil Steele launched his top-30 countdown, starting with Air Force.

And at, looks like they're picking up where our old Big Ten Bloggers roundtables left off when we all got too big for our britches.

The Big Ten Championship location is set for Indianapolis, but for only this year. The future is still up for grabs. So far, Chicago is in the running with Indy.

MGoBlog's Misogopon took a crack at re-naming the Big Ten Divisions.

Hawk Central reported Kinnick Stadium's audit by Homeland Security. Here's a thought, how about starting by forcing fans to check their bloody pig heads at the gate?

The Wiz of Odds asks, 'The Bowls: Silly Extravagance or Worthwhile Tradition?'

There will be a Kilimanjaro Bowl. This is not a joke.

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